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HASS Week Committee 2019


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HASS Week committee infographic. Connect with these collaborative people to assist and support in celebrating HASS in Western Australia.

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HASS Week Committee 2019

  1. 1. H A S S W E E K C O M M I T T E E Contact a member of the HASS Week committee: Association of Independent Schools and Catholic Education Western Australia Maree Whiteley Humanities and Social Sciences Consultant E: T: 08 9441 1630 The CEWA representative will be announced in Term 2. Department of Education WA Samantha Boswell Education Officer, Curriculum Support Statewide Services Centre E: T: 08 9402 6422 �The University of Western Australia� Kate Akerman Education Officer E: T: �08 9427 3408 Western Australia HASS WEEK 2019 Interested? More info at Department of Education WA Stephen Powell Education Officer,�Teacher Development� Statewide Services Centre E:� T: 08 9402 6317 Dr Gemma Scarparolo Graduate School of Education Lecturer in HASS curriculum (Primary) E: T: 08 6488 2385 State Library of Western Australia