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The Mobility Prescription For Your Hospital’s IT Strategy


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Enterprise Mobility enables information to be captured and consumed at the point of the work activity, which leads to better productivity and improved decision-making.

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The Mobility Prescription For Your Hospital’s IT Strategy

  1. 1. boston technologybtc The Mobility Prescription For Your Hospital’s IT Strategy
  2. 2. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. Enterprise Mobility enables information to be captured and consumed at the point of the work activity, which leads to better productivity and improved decision-making. In a hospital’s complex ecosystem, people centric workflows abound and the resultant fluid structure requires unified communication and collaboration. This calls for anytime, anywhere access to information and mobility is the sole solution. In an environment as fast paced and crucial as a hospital, mobility solutions add immediate impact to varied stakeholders and bring about enterprise wide efficiencies. Real time data exchange Reduced manual errors Optimized Workflows Increased patient safety On-the-go data Stakeholder AccessibilityAdherence to regulations and compliances Patient Physicians Nurses Labs Administrators Operations Team
  3. 3. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. The healthcare industry today is witnessing an ideology shift, with more emphasison patient-centered care. Government mandates and regulations, along with rising patient expectations have led to hospitals increasing focus on patient engagement and satisfaction. A growing amount of data too validates that when a patient’s role shifts from a passive recipient to a more active participant in his own care, the results are shared decision making, informed choices and for hospitals, lower costs and better performance. The quality of a patient’s clinical interactions withinthe hospital’s system is a major determining factor in patient satisfaction. Mobility Solutions can provide a range of tools to caregivers and administrators alike to involve, monitor and enhance patient experience. Interactive surveys, demos, personalized content all aid the patient towards a deeper understanding of his/her treatment options and can positively affect outcome and satisfaction. Patient Engagement reDefined Mobility for Patients
  4. 4. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. Pre- Registration and Registration Patient Education EHRs Patient Portals Post-Release Care Wellness Care Augmented Reality and GPS Personalized Informational Health Videos Handy Access to Patient Demographics and History Treatment Tracker, Allergy Alerts Follow up and Reminders Nutrition and Diet Trackers, Exercise Schedules PERSONALIZED PATIENT EXPERIENCE REDUCED READMISSION RATES HEALTH MONITORING AND PREVENTIVE CARE MEDICATION ADHERENCE ACCESS TO HEALTH INFO Mobility for Patients
  5. 5. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. By the very nature of their profession, physicians are constantly on the move. For them to focus on quality care, they need anytime anywhere access to vital information – patient data, lab results, reference manuals and more. Coupled with effective team communication, real time updates and productivity tools, all avail- able in the comfort of a handy, intuitive device, adds to their capability to deliver better care. With point of care mobility solutions such as EHRs on mobile, drug formularies, collaborative dashboards for peer consultations, bedside access points, and medical simulators, physicians can engage with and treat a greater number of patients more effectively. Enable physicians to focus on what they do best Quality Patient Care Mobility for Physicians
  6. 6. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. Appointment Scheduling ePrescriptions Simulators EMR Remote Patient Monitoring Custom Alerts, Workday Planner Digital Drug Reference Repository, Collaboration with Pharmacies & labs Visual Mobile Solutions, Patient Education Tools Text and Voice Entry to Update EHR Video Collaboration, Physician Accessibility 24/7 HANDY REFERENCE TOOL PATIENT TEACHING AIDS DIGITAL DISCHARGE SUMMARIES LABORATORY RESULTS REAL TIME PATIENT MONITORING Mobility for Physicians
  7. 7. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. Nurses are at the forefront of bedside care – Liaising between patients, family, physicians and administra- tors. But rampant understaffing, extended shift hours, increased documentation requirement and sheer fatigue is slowly diminishing their point-of-care effectiveness today. However, with the power of text, voice, data capture, real time critical data access and departmental con- nectivity, mobility has the solution. From timely alerts, alarm escalations, monitoring patient medication to facilitating collaboration with physicians and, everything in between; mobility has armed nurses with the information they need at their fingertips. The results are powerful – from saved trips to the nurses’ station to increased patient safety. A win-win overall. 69% of hospitals indicated that nursing staff use personal smartphones on the job* Does your IT strategy translate that as a risk or strength? Mobility for Nurses * Spyglass Consulting Group
  8. 8. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. Patient Rounds Medication Calendars Dietary Checklists Alerts Physician Coordination User Friendly Documentation Customized Patient Alerts and Reminders Nutrition Calculators Real time Patient Updates Voice and Video Collaboration IMPROVED RESPONSIVENESS SIMPLIFIED DOCUMENTATION STREAMLINED COMMUNICATION FEWER MANUAL ERRORS MORE EFFICIENT BEDSIDE CARE Mobility for Nurses
  9. 9. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. Rising healthcare costs, consumer expectations, and federal regulations are pushing hospitals towards new ways ofworkflow efficiencies. But, streamlining patient information, optimizing resource allocation, manag- ing a hospital’s daily workflow and engaging patients just got easier. Mobility Solutions are enabling administrators to better collaborate within and outside the walls of the hospital. With innovative and intuitive tablet friendly solutions; monitoring and getting feedback on patient satisfac- tion, promoting the hospital’s differentiators, and adding to the hospital’s bottom line are at the touch of a button. Literally… Today, hospital administrators need to do more with less With mobility, that’s easily said AND done Mobility for Administrators
  10. 10. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. mSurvey Solutions Digital Catalogs Billing Hospital Branding Video, Images, Voice Recordings Attractive, Feature Rich, Engaging Content Payment Gateway Integration Digital Receipts Augmented Reality , Mobile Websites, Social Media Integration, mCommunities ENHANCED PATIENT EXPERIENCE HOSPITAL BRANDING POPULATION HEALTH MANAGEMENT IMPROVED PATIENT CARE COMMUNITY OUTREACH Mobility for Administrators
  11. 11. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. Clinical laboratories play a vital role in the healthcare ecosystem. Besides providing critical data on treat- ment options to be followed, they add immense value to the overall patient experience. Benchmarks set in educating patients and providing superior service quality go a long way in adding to the hospital’s brand value. Solutions like barcode scanning and RFID help imrove accuracy in specimen collection, tracking and speed up diagnosis. With smartphones becoming ubiquitous in the market, labs need to leverage the sheer power and reach of the Mobility for Labs Labs and Superior Patient Experience Let Mobility help connect the dots
  12. 12. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. Specimen Collection and Tracking Test Schedule Fetch Lab Reports Routine Tests Patient Education GPS Location, Barcode Scanning and RFID Appointment Reminders Patient Notification User-friendly Simulators Patient Education Demos Digital instructional Aid INCREASED PATIENT EXPERIENCE AID IN CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT OPEN UP NEW REVENUE SOURCES LAB EQUIPMENT TRAINING TOOLS AID PATIENT’S UNDERSTANDING OF LAB PROCEDURE Mobility for Labs
  13. 13. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. The heart of a hospital lies in its efficient workflows and streamlined operations. For example, effective bed management in a hospital requires timely coordination among varied people involved in all aspects of patient care. Similarly hospital capacity management is the lifeblood that pulls in data from disparate hospital systems. Alerts to warn of resource shortages, performance monitoring, quality checklists are just the beginning of what an integrated mobile solutioncan offer hospitals today. Capacity Management Optimized Mobility for Operations Team
  14. 14. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. Compliance Management Bed Management Inventory Management Logistics Mobile Checklists and Compliance History Bed Availability Statistics and Assignments Digital Asset Locators Role-Based Dashboards, Scheduling, Alerts REGULATORY COMPLIANCE ADHERENCE MOBILE ASSET MANAGEMENT IMPROVING WARD MANAGEMENT INCREASING STAFF PRODUCTIVITY HIGHER PATIENT SAFETY Mobility for Operations Team
  15. 15. Boston Technology Corporation (BTC), based in Marlborough, MA, is a leading provider of enterprise mobility and web software solutions. Established in 2004, BTC has served a range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to innovative startups. BTC has served clients for over eight years designing and developing enterprise solutions for top hospitals, medical device manufacturers and labs across the US. BTC has been on the INC 500/5000 list of America's fastest growing private companies for three years in a row (2010,2011,2012) - a continued testimonial of our clients' faith in us. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. Boston Technology Corporation About Us
  16. 16. We provide comprehensive mobility strategy, technology selection, solution design and deployment consulting. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. Boston Technology Corporation Solutions Strategic Mobility Consulting Our specialists excel at understanding the concept and providing creative designs to best realize the potential of the app. Usability and User Interface Design A talented set of domain SMEs, architects and innovative developers committed to delivering quality apps. Mobile App Development Expertise in building custom applications from web apps to enterprise portals across technologies like Java/J2EE, PHP, .NET and SharePoint. Web Application Development Secure solutions to deploy mobile apps, manage app performance and analyze app effectiveness. Mobile App Management Integrated management console to quickly enroll devices, configure and update device settings and remote locking of wiped devices. Mobile Device Management
  17. 17. boston technologybtc© 2013 Boston Technology Corporation. Boston Technology Corporation Contact Us Boston Technology Corporation 33 Boston Post Road West, STE 160 Marlborough, MA-01752 Phone:+ 1 781-583-1144 E-mail: