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Building up downtown crossing


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Building up downtown crossing

  1. 1. March 26, 2013Building Up Downtown Crossing
  2. 2. Event Sponsors
  3. 3. Panel Peter Meade Boston Redevelopment Authority
  4. 4. Under Construction$4.3 Billion12 million SF
  5. 5. Breaking Ground This Year$4.9 Billion13.2 million SF
  6. 6. Total$9.2 Billion24.9 million SF
  7. 7. Under Construction &Breaking Ground in 2013 $9.2B, 24.9M SF Under Construction: 54 Projects Breaking Ground in 2013: 44 Projects
  8. 8. Recently OpenedDowntown CrossingBOSTONOPERA HOUSE Total$54M InvestmentRestoration In DowntownMODERN THEATRE Crossing:$45M Restoration $396MPARAMOUNTCENTER Ames Hotel Boston Opera House$100M Restoration45 PROVINCE$160MAMES HOTEL$40M Paramount Modern Theatre 45 Province Center
  9. 9. Under Construction NowDowntown Crossing$900MOf residential constructionunderway or planned900+Units under construction1,200+ The Kensington 120 KingstonNew units by 20163,000New residents by 2016 Millennium Place
  10. 10. New BusinessDowntown CrossingOpened in Downtown Crossing: TemplePlaceCAFE
  11. 11. New BusinessDowntown CrossingOpened in Downtown Crossing: Coming Soon: king FRAME
  12. 12. Panel Rosemarie Sansone Downtown Boston BID
  13. 13. The BID In Action: A Statistical Snapshot
  14. 14. The BID In Action: Creating Destination EventsThe Running Of The Bridesmaids Boston Cup Classic Car Show Downtown Home Tour (May 11th)
  15. 15. The BID In Action: Marketing & Promotions Revamped Website Weekly E-Newsletter & Social Media
  16. 16. The BID In Action: Community Outreach & Streetscape BeautificationLiaison To Downtown Stakeholders Maintenance & Beautification Visual Programs (Summer) Visual Programs (Winter)
  17. 17. Panel M. Lee Pelton Emerson College
  18. 18. Panel Anthony Pangaro Millennium Partners - Boston
  19. 19. Panel Peter Meade Anthony Pangaro M. Lee Pelton Rosemarie SansoneBoston Redevelopment Millennium Partners - Boston Emerson College Downtown Boston BID Authority Moderator: Paul McMorrow CommonWealth Magazine
  20. 20. Thank you!