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Transforming Health with Open Source Software in a Crisis with Brian H. Hough, UI/UX Lead, Corona Tracker

As the news grew more severe about an unknown virus, a single LinkedIn post with a call to action soon led to a global community of 280+, a progressive web app, and a hope to make a difference in a world plagued by a pandemic. While in public beta, our community-built progressive web app lets users track and monitor health symptoms, learn about COVID-19, and get ready if/when they need to speak with a doctor. With the power of open-source, full-stack development and blockchain, we hope to help people during this difficult time. Follow: @BrianHHough @CoronaTrackApp

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Transforming Health with Open Source Software in a Crisis with Brian H. Hough, UI/UX Lead, Corona Tracker

  1. 1. BOSTON NEW TECHNOLOGY #BNT113 Monitor, Notify, Educate—Securely and Without Complexity Transforming Health With Open Source Software in a Crisis
  2. 2. COVID-19 IS A GLOBAL PANDEMIC This world-wide crisis is growing exponentially, and we cannot afford to wait any longer to keep people safe, informed, and assured during these troubling times. 4,098,018 GLOBAL CASES 283,271 GLOBAL DEATHS 1,342,594 U.S. CASES 80,820 U.S. DEATHS SOURCE: WHO data as of May 12 SOURCE: CDC data as of May 12
  3. 3. CoronaTracker is an easy-to-use and accessible progressive web application that helps you monitor your wellness and stay informed during the COVID-19 crisis, designed by an open-source community invested in public health. REINFORCEMENT-BASED EDUCATION & LEARNING SYMPTOM TRACKING & HEALTH MONITORING Users can log easily log COVID-19 symptoms, monitor their health in real time and create an ongoing journal of their health information. COMPLETE DATA OWNERSHIP & IDENTITY DECENTRALIZATION The app has CDC and WHO facts turned into flashcards and quizzes to help educate users about COVID-19. Everything users enter into the app is kept secure with Blockstack, so users truly have complete ownership of their health.
  4. 4. From a LinkedIn Post to a Shipped App
  6. 6. ARCHITECTURE User WWW Blockstack Gaia Blockstack Auth User AWS Route53 AWS Cloudfront React App AWS API Gateway SMS Service Education Service MongoDB Collection MongoDB Collection Security Without Complexity AWS
  7. 7. TECH STACK CoronaTracker UI Gaia Managed Database MongoDB Blockstack Managed Backend Golang Backend (Education, Notifications System) Interacts with the Blockstack API endpoints, provided by Blockstack, which manipulates the data. Currently two separate services are running on EC2 instances, using a microservices architecture which provides the ability to easily add more backend services. Similar to the Blockstack Managed Backend, interactions with the Gaia Managed Database are only conducted through Blockstack API calls. Create, manage, and maintain MongoDB databases – which are running in the cloud.
  8. 8. MOMENTUM TIMELINE Call to Action published on LinkedIn MARCH 13 MARCH 20-27 MARCH 29 MARCH 31 APRIL 1 User Testing Phases I & II: Small Group Mid-Sized Group 1,000+ Views & 100+ Stars on GitHub Repository Ranked Top 20 of 300+ Projects in Hack Zurich’s Code vs. COVID-19 Hackathon Advisory Board Solidified of Medical, Tech, and Academic Professionals APRIL 17—PRESENT Beta Application Launched! Winner of the Build for COVID-19 Hackathon by Slow Ventures, AWS, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, Slack & more!
  9. 9. EDUCATION & LEARNING DATA DECENTRALIZATION By being built on Blockstack, users truly own their own health data PRIVACY BY DESIGN Users have control over who sees their data. CoronaTracker cannot see user data. DAILY HEALTH LOG A symptom-tracking survey and monthly calendar for daily health monitoring NOTIFICATION SYSTEM Real time updates as notifications from public health and local officials INTERACTIVE MAP A localized and interactive map for crowdsourcing information & resources. KEY FEATURES Reinforcement-based flash cards and quizzes to teach public health practices CoronaTracker is easily accessible to the general public & allows users to immediately jump into using the application.
  10. 10. SYMPTOM TRACKING CONCEPT FLOW Main Health Dashboard Survey Part I: Sliders Survey Part II: Checklist Survey Part III: Qualitative
  11. 11. EDUCATION + REINFORCEMENT-LEARNING CONCEPT FLOW Main Education Screen Part I: Fact Mode - Cards Part II: Quiz Time Part III: True & False
  12. 12. The 2020 Open Source Tech Stack Community-Building Weekly Communications Data Management + Storage Front-End UI Code Design & UI/UX Marketing
  13. 13. FUELED BY TECH AND MOBILE APPLICATIONS INTERNET OF THINGS & SMART DEVICES/WEARABLES BUILDABLE BY TEAMS SPREAD ACROSS THE GLOBE The future of healthcare is holistic and interoperable as technology becomes more accessible
  14. 14. We look forward to hearing from you! As we continue to grow our operations, scale our application, and seek global support in the fight against COVID-19, we hope you will support our efforts and join us: THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! GET IN TOUCH WITH US HERE: @CoronaTrackApp @CoronaTrackApp /CoronaTrackApp /COVID-19-electronic-health-system/Corona-tracker