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Chuck Goldstone Accelerator Overview

Chuck Goldstone | Strategies and Stories - It's about your story. Getting audiences to listen. Like you. Do what you want. We offer coaching, creative and strategic services to startups. Crafting persuasive, awe-stoking strategies and stories. Helping clients present confidently. Stand out. Expand markets. Get funding. Be successful. Visit / email: mail "at" / 617-738-8889

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Chuck Goldstone Accelerator Overview

  1. 1. The accelerator is dramatically different from conventional programs, pinpoint focused on business strategy and reaching stakeholders and the fundamental and core skills that startups must have. Content and process are based on more than two decades of work and have produced extraordinary results for hundreds-upon-hundreds of new and established ventures across the globe. A SPECIAL INVITATION FROM 
 CHUCK GOLDSTONE I am extending an invitation to you and a select group of entrepreneurs because your ideas have impressed me and I believe you will benefit immensely from a unique and groundbreaking program about to be launched within the month. We taking applications for the charter cohort for an intensive, four-week global accelerator program focusing specifically on strategies and practical tools to engage investment and grow markets We are opening up to twelve companies that will benefit significantly from the content, networking, and highly customized, one-on-one coaching of this program. COMBINING ACCELERATION AND EXPERT CONSULTING This program includes in-depth training to equip you with essential skills plus more than five hours of customized, expert consulting and development. You benefit from industry leaders and experts being part of your team, to create concepts, strategies, and messaging too often unaffordable or inaccessible to startups. 
 I am inviting you personally because (1) you are uniquely positioned to benefit from this condensed, comprehensive program, and (2) you, as participant, will add a great deal to mix. For this initial cohort, we are both dramatically reducing cost, but also providing even more one-on- one and professional and strategy resources than the regular program. I hope you will join us. A more detailed description follows. I would be happy to chat with you to describe the benefits and show how the small investment will provide a multi-fold return on investment. Chuck
  2. 2. Communication is at the core of everything we do and determines whether a venture succeeds or falters. But it’s more than about creating an elevator pitch, investor and marketing decks, or a website. It's about strategy: Making certain you have something that the world wants or needs. Knowing who to reach and how to reach them. Knowing how to adapt and pivot. 
 It's about story. Informing. Engaging. Making it simple. Clear. Memorable. Why you do what you do. What you do. Why others should care. Coming up with a great idea or technology is the second most important thing you will do. The most important is…convincing others. A FOUR-WEEK, ONLINE MASTER CLASS FOR COMMUNICATION, BUSINESS PLANNING, MARKETING, AND FUNDING Plus an additional, timely module on SURVIVAL AND GROWTH IN A TIME OF UNPRECEDENTED CHALLENGE A DIFFERENT KIND OF ACCELERATOR. FOCUSED AND DEEP !DEAWORKS STRATEGY AND STORY GLOBAL ACCELERATOR An Indispensable Program for Startups You'll find excellent incubators and accelerators that offer a wide range of new venture skills. Our game- changing program is not meant to compete or replace, but rather offers a more laser-focused and much deeper dive into the two most fundamental and vital aspects of entrepreneurship—- the business roadmap and tactics you develop and the message you craft to move others to action. These are the bloodstream skills that run through everything you do. Everything. In this four-week program, you will hone a plan and craft a message, brand, and persona that will ignite the interest of key stakeholders, deliver a clear and simple message, and sidestep the pitfalls that stymie others. You'll master the communication and leadership skills practiced by the most successful companies. Under the guidance of some of the industry's most experienced and respected mentors, you will develop plans, products, and materials that awe and get others to say, "Tell me more.”
  3. 3. iΩed YOU WILL DEVELOP 1. A customized, long-term and short-term business and communication strategy and ways to adapt and pivot 2. A comprehensive matrix of stakeholders/audiences and ways to reach them 3. Your CORE STORY: A clear and simple description of who you and what you do, and how to differentiate from others your audience may confuse you with 4. A meaningful tagline, a vital one-line grabber, ah-ha igniting statement, poetically crafted, without vagary, cliché, or confounding jargon 5. An image and branded look-and-feel that reflects your unique persona 6. An advanced version of the traditional elevator pitch 7. A collection of adaptable templates and content outlines, covering most major types of presentations 8. Specific and highly-adaptable decks and demos, for nearly any stakeholder, including investors, market, early adopters, strategic partners, and general audiences 9. Adaptable versions of materials for Introductions (Pre- meeting or instead-of-meeting), Live Pitches, Online Pitches, In-Session Handout, Summary or Follow-up 10. Impressive delivery skills and pitch guidelines 11. The incentive and confidence to put these skills to use immediately. It is hard enough for new ventures to succeed in normal times, let alone when the world is at standstill, when few are investing, and when we are knee-deep in uncertainty. How do we make sure that we, and our ventures, survive? But beyond survival, how do move forward? This may be the ideal time to step back and assess. To build. Adapt. Fine-tune strategies. Assure they respond to the world as it will be in the months and years ahead. To mount projects that are necessary, but we did not have time for in the past. To be ready to leap at full throttle when the fog lifts. THE PROGRAM INCLUDES Master Classes on Strategy + Story Four weeks of live, 2.5 hour webinars, twice per week. Includes workbook, process guides, exercises, activities. Individualized Mentoring
 Individualized, one-on-one coaching, providing reviews, professional guidance, ideas, insights, encouragement, and when necessary, tough love. Principles, Practices, and Process
 Principles based more than three decades of experience, the Best Practices of the most successful companies, and a step-by-step process with more than a dozen worksheets. Professional Production Development Support
 A weekly, one-on-one session with Chuck Goldstone, whose insights and message design have changed the course of untold numbers of businesses. In addition, the program offers access to a network of professions in strategy, writing, design, and production, to help you do it, or when appropriate, to produce it for you. Individual and Group Activities You will work individually and in groups on assignments, on talent-building exercises and on the development of your own plans and materials. Community Building and Access to Mentor Network You will be part of community of peers and professionals, benefiting from insight of others, including prior attendees, mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, and authorities. Access to Additional Experts and Videos Beyond the master class, you will have access to an ever- growing library of videos by industry authorities and thought leaders, covering a broad range of topics. Pitch Practice ,and Critique, and Pitch Night You will learn to deliver with confidence. The program will include a Pitch event, with a panel of experts and prizes, Additional Online Materials and Follow Up STRATEGY CONTENT SUPPORT DELIVERY FOLLOW UP FAILURE SUCCESS WHY NOW?
  4. 4. JUST A SMATTERING OF TOPICS COVERED The accelerator focuses on Strategy, Content and Story Flow, Support Material, and Delivery. Topics include:
 • The power of story for startups • Why traditional pitches are less-than-ineffective • Navigating the startup white rapids • Setting your own specific goals and priorities • Stakeholders and how to reach them • Science of persuasion/influence: How others decide • Vital presentations and materials you must have • Content: What to say and not say • How to write efficiently • Brainstorming and creativity development tools. • Conveying complexity simply. Making the technical clear • The importance of image/a unique persona • Producing standout decks. Avoiding pitfalls • Guidelines/outlines for nearly any audience • Four versions of materials you will need • Rehearsal and self-critique tools • Delivery skills and attributes of confident presenters • Exploiting the Q and A • Demos: Using them and avoiding common disasters • Language and business culture • Finding and nurturing a mentor network • Using video ands other media and formats • Awing, inspiring, and moving audiences • Managing logistics • Avoiding fatal missteps • Navigating during a time of turmoil Sometimes gently guiding the ideas locked inside you. Sometimes experts just telling you what you ought to do. For more information about Strategies and Stories and what this program offers, go to ABOUT CHUCK GOLDSTONE Author, communications strategist, entrepreneur, creative catalyst, keynote speaker, and mentor Chuck Goldstone has helped individuals and organizations across the planet learn how to tell their story, to be engaging, clear, and memorable. He developed the strategy and story model adopted by organizations from startups to global giants, including Pepsi-Cola, Keurig, IBM, Fidelity, the United States Air Force, and over a thousand others in nearly every sector. He was founder and CEO of !deaworks | !deaCorporation of America, New Venture Institute and Chuck Goldstone | Strategies and Stories. For more than a decade, Chuck was a commentator on public radio's Marketplace, heard on over 400 stations nationally. He is an author of two books and an upcoming one on the art and science and the business story.
  5. 5.           Howie Hecht       
 Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Startup Advisor JUST A FEW OF THE MANY TESTIMONIALS CONTACT INFORMATION 617.738.8889 617.879.4800 @strategiesandstories “Chuck has a rare and extraordinary gift to help communicate ideas, concepts and tell stories in a nutshell. He helps quickly get through the haystack of verbiage to find the precious needle…a fabulous mentor who helps professionals dig into their inner soul to express in a comprehensible and human way what they are intending to achieve.” Sue Nabeth Moore and Jason Whitehead Co-Founders, Customer Success Mastermind Success Chain Steve Milovich
 Former SVP Corporate HR, Organization & Leadership 
 The Walt Disney Company “I’ve worked with Chuck for two decades. He has the uncanny ability to sift through discussions of challenges and opportunities and create a compelling story that captures hearts and minds at all levels.” "For those who say, 'I can't think about doing this until I get funding,’ think again. Presenting the right story is precisely what you need to GET funding.” Seth Bauer      Advisor and Mentor "Every startup founder and team member participating in an accelerator program should be required to take Chuck’s training.” "If it means changing your schedule to attend, do it."         Ernest Lara           
 Executive Director, Richi Social Entrepreneurs APPLICATION AND CONTACT INFORMATION Go to or contact us This non-equity program. The initial cohort will enjoy a reduced launch fee of $1490 for the program. Price includes $1000 scholarship and five hours of consulting services, There is no application fee. Sessions: Mondays and Wednesdays 10:00-12;30 ET US Start date to be announced. SCHEDULEPRICING