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Social Media: The Tasti D-Lite Way


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Co-authors Jim Amos and BJ Emerson share insights from their newly released book, The Tasti D-Lite Way: Social Media Marketing Lessons for Building Loyalty and a Brand Customers Crave. Learn about business cases and real-life stories that will challenge the models and mindsets of old and inspire new ways of doing business in this digital age of transparency. Find actionable steps and ideas for implementing and effectively managing your brand presence within social networks as well as connect with and develop loyal customers.

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Social Media: The Tasti D-Lite Way

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  2. Questions Answered in The Tasti D-Lite Way:? What does it really take for businesses to be relevant on today’s web? How has social media changed the? relationship between brand and consumer? How do you recognize and reward? customers for their digital activity? What is the role of social technologies ? and social media marketing in brand building? As companies become more human, ? what will it take to maintain a competitive edge?
  3. WHY?The Tasti D-Lite Way chronicles the digital journey of an amazing brand as it jumpsheadlong into the realm of social media at a critical point in the history of the company. This book demonstrates thepower that these new mediums can have when passionate customers are engaged through the creative use of social technologies.
  4. The Most Important Word on the Internet?“Beyond having big ears, do first responders have the edge? The race can be aliteral pursuit of opportunity when it comes to catching consumers in the midst of apurchase decision.” From Chapter 2: The Race for Transparency
  5. What is SocialNegligence?
  6. What do customers expect?Source: expectations-social-media-followups/
  7. The Reality of Retail We should be concerned about what is happening in the virtual realm. Done right, engaging in meaningful ways can yield great benefits for brick-and- mortar businesses.By nature, this kind of engagement is local.
  8. LocalContent is King
  9. The Power of Going Local: Comparing the Impactof Corporate vs. Local Facebook Pages White paper distributed by Hearsay SocialLocally created LocalFacebook Pages Reachdeliver 5 timesmore reach. Corporate Reach
  10. Local posts provide 8 times more fan engagement. CorporateEngagement LocalEngagement
  11. One local fan is worth 40 corporate fans. Corporate Fan Local Fan
  12. “As franchisor, the best thing we can do is equip ourfranchise network so that operators can reach their localcustomers where they are online.”
  13. Generating Local BuzzTweetUp: An organized or impromptu gathering ofpeople that use Twitter. (A meet up of people thattweet using Twitter.)“Hosting an offline meeting for those that are active online can be a great introduction to local groupsor organizations. During the event the conversation will no doubt spread within the social networks.Area social media clubs often look for venues to hold meetings and make presentations, usuallyinvolving technology and social media. Sponsoring an event for these leaders and influencers isanother way to effectively connect with members and establish credibility online as well as off. There’sno brick-and-mortar presence required to contribute to these kinds of events, and they can dowonders for an online presence for just about any business.” From Chapter 4: Character in 140 Characters
  15. The Location Business“The ‘where’ dimension has come of age.Reaching consumers based on their proximity toa business has become a reality and many localmerchants are already reaping great benefits.”5 Ways to Go Beyond the Check-in:1. Get passionate about listening. With the wealth of information now available online, getting visibility with the conversations happening around a business is critical.2. Play the game. You need to download, sign up, claim your business, and get involved.3. Make it part of the DNA of your brand. Impart this within your organization by pushing those insights and engaging with associates, suppliers, and customers online.4. Bridge the gap. Why not bring the information into the physical location with a digital display?5. Don’t make customer engagement a checklist. Be prepared for spontaneous and human interaction around these technologies.From Chapter 9: The Location Business Attorney!
  16. Don’t Be BoringRickRolling: This Internet meme is a baitand switch; a person providesa hyperlink seemingly relevant to thetopic at hand, but actually leads to theRick Astley video “Never Gonna Give YouUp.” “Regardless of industry, businesses are standing out by providing engaging content and capturing the eyeballs and mouse clicks of valuable customers.” From Chapter 5: Don’t be Boring (and Other Thoughts on Relevance)
  17. Name That Mascot Contest Name Customer Rationale D-Lish Because Tasti D-Lite treats are DELICIOUS!!!!! Stanley Swirl Tasti D-Lite is a sweet swirl in a cup! And he looks like a Stanley : ) D Mixmaster D for D-Lite and Mixmaster for all the different flavors Tasti D offers. Vinny Vanilla He’s vanilla! Plus this way you can have other characters like Charles Chocolate. Sprinkles Sprinkles is not only a cute name, but it will also increase sales. People will want to buy more toppings when they think of the name. “The opportunities for getting customers actively involved in brand building and product development exercises are greater than ever…” From Chapter 10: Meet Your Cocreators
  18. The Social Friendly EnterpriseSocial media is rapidly moving from adoption to full integration for both consumers aswell as businesses. Here, we’ll outline five fundamentals or attributes of the social-friendly enterprise of the future:1. The ability to listen effectively – Understanding the opportunities online begins with education and you can’t learn anything with your mouth open.2. The ability to engage creatively – Capturing the heart of consumers means meeting them where they are. Sometimes you can’t wait for them to come to you so get creative.3. The ability to execute locally – Accountability at the local level will continue to be something that businesses deal with on multiple fronts. Be prepared to offer a consistent experience between your online presence and offline activities.4. The ability to embrace transparency – Social media gives consumers a glimpse into the culture and people behind those products and services they love. What does that picture look like for your organization?5. The ability to curate and tell your stories – Capturing and sharing the moments and experiences you are having with customers will touch others inside and outside your organization. Data and numbers will provide the rational justification; stories will provide the emotional connection. Don’t underestimate the power of either when it comes to influencing the various personalities occupying the C-suite. From Chapter 11: The Social Future
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