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SCORE guide to social media


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Slides for a presentation to SCORE counselors. Focused on best practices and implementation strategies.

Published in: Business, Technology
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SCORE guide to social media

  1. 1. A SCORE Consultant's Guide to Social Media Best Practices and  Implementation Strategies
  2. 2. About Margy Rydzynski • SCORE Client • Consultant, sole proprietor • Background in writing/communication • Started as a personal user of social media tools
  3. 3. Now That You Know What:
  4. 4. The Tools of the Trade
  5. 5. Let's Talk About The How, The When and The Where
  6. 6. Best Practices and Implementation Strategies
  7. 7. Do Social Media Right And Everybody  Will Know About You (in a good way)
  8. 8. Big Budget Love
  9. 9. Low Budget Love Brigham Young University
  10. 10. Mmmm! What's Cooking Today?
  11. 11. Do Social Media Wrong And Everybody  Will Know About You (in a bad way)
  12. 12. You've Probably Seen This   Email Spam, and Lots Of It
  13. 13. Twitter Spam? But What About:
  14. 14. Users Are In The Driver's Seat Be Careful What You Wish For!
  15. 15. How To Do Social Media Right Implementation Strategies: Four Principles
  16. 16. First Principle Social media marketing is not free advertising. It's a user-driven communication medium. • Don't hard-sell products/services • Have a commerce website or location for that • Consider buying an ad if you want to advertise
  17. 17. Second Principle A social media campaign should be an addition to - not a replacement for - a traditional marketing strategy. Clients should already be: • Networking • Communicating • Establishing competency   Offline
  18. 18. Third Principle Social media campaigns require active participation   • Do nothing and get nothing • Respond to others and they'll respond to you
  19. 19. Fourth Principle Social media campaigns take time and patience. Long-term process. • Communication/marketing/community - not advertising • Have other strategies in place, too
  20. 20. Increasing Your Client's Chances For Social Media Success
  21. 21. Research! Still need to know: • Who are the customers or clients? • What type of business? • What type of client (age, occupation, income, etc.) Different populations use the internet differently.
  22. 22. Client Research Will Help Establish: • Which tools to use for which group • How those tools should work together   Then they'll know:
  23. 23. The Social Media Marketing Mix  Will depend on business. For example:    • Consultant (substantive): A blog, social network presence, b2b networks, a podcast • Restaurant (real-time updates): Twitter or Foursquare • Artist (online display space): MySpace or podcast for musicians, Flickr for visual artists.
  24. 24. An Effective Outreach Strategy Modes of Communication • Email link to blog post • Facebook and/or Twitter signup on static website • Reference to web presence on printed materials
  25. 25. Business Must Communicate With  and Respect  Online Communities
  26. 26. Communicate • Be a good guest • Respect community's right to privacy • Ask questions, give answers • Represent yourself honestly
  27. 27. Respect the Rules of Engagement • Introduce yourself when linking or "friending" • Don't send excessive emails to an online group or Facebook page • Don't follow total strangers on Twitter (stalking)
  28. 28. Some Ideas And Suggestions for SCORE Counselors
  29. 29. Use The Tools Yourself • Learn by doing • Lead by example • Know what you're talking about   Will also enhance SCORE's reputation and increase its visibility to millions of potential new clients
  30. 30. Typical Client Concerns
  31. 31. Negative Feedback Concerns  Are Legitimate Business reputation is important. Balance.   • Okay to set the terms of engagement • People can be vicious and destructive online • Don't censor, but don't allow flaming, either  
  32. 32. Privacy Concerns Are Legitimate • Balance accessibility with privacy • Some tools more private than others (Facebook pages vs. a social network).
  33. 33. Time Concerns Are Legitimate Small businesses have to juggle multiple time commitments • Several posts, tweets, etc., a day are not feasible for many • Posts can be short: a picture, a quote, an observation • Posts can link to other posts    Too many posts can be as bad as too few
  34. 34. Finally, Remember:
  35. 35. Honesty Is The Best Policy And It's Okay To Ask For Help! A well-managed social media campaign will lead to engagement that's supportive, useful and fun!
  36. 36. Thank You! Questions?