Free Ink Cartridge Recycling Service|Ink Toner Reycling Services|Free Pick Ups in Massachusetts


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Free Ink Cartridge Toner Recycling Services for Businesses in Massachusetts. We Recycle for Universities, Schools, Government Agencies, Private Companies in the Greater Boston Area. Free Pick up Service from any Massachusetts Location. Call 617-419-0475

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Free Ink Cartridge Recycling Service|Ink Toner Reycling Services|Free Pick Ups in Massachusetts

  1. 1. Free Ink Cartridge Recycling ServicesCall 617-419-0475www.freeinkcartridgerecycling.comWe offer free ink cartridge recycling services in the greater Boston area. Recycling with ussaves you money and offers solutions for your company to help reduce your carbon footprintat no cost to you. We schedule you for a no cost, totally free pick up from your site at the mostconvenient time for you. Our business is primarily set up for Businesses, Schools, Universitiesand Government Institutions. Schedule your free pick up today by calling 617-419-0475 and wewill make sure your ink and Toner Cartridges are recycled by our professional staff.Remember: recycling your waste is cheaper than throwing it away. Here are some tipson how to maximize your recycling to get the best value from your Free Ink CartridgeRecycling Service and reduce your waste management costs:1. Recycling BinsRecycling bins help you keep your recycling sacks neat and remind staff to use them.2. Location, locationRecycling bins need to be conveniently placed so that recycling is as easy as throwing it in thewaste bin. On the other hand it is obviously important not to over populate the office with large
  2. 2. bins3. PostersIt is essential that your bins are clearly signed for your scheme to run properly so that staff knowwhat they can and cannot put into them. Please call us to request some4. Check your binsYou don’t have to rifle through your waste bin but when you do use it, quickly scan it to see ifrecyclables are being put into them. It can help you gauge how well your scheme is working –do you need more bins or maybe there is a new material that you can recycle such as plasticbottles, glass, food or electronics.5. Ban the dustbinIndividual waste bins under desks encourage staff to be lazy and not recycle. Replacing themwith personal recycling bins and keeping waste bins for communal areas only may be met withsome protest but you will most definitely see an immediate improvement in your recycling.6. Recycle TonersReusing toners is an excellent way to help the environment and save money. Remember thattoner manufacturers ‘take back scheme’ shred cartridges returned to them to encourage salesof the new toners.Free Ink Cartridge Recycling Service offers a free collection service that ensures toners areremanufactured and reused Just leave your empty toners in their boxes next to your otherrecycling and we’ll collect them.7. Nominate a recycling champion or green teamPutting someone in charge of recycling can really help improve your recycling rates. They don’tneed to be experts in recycling, just keen and motivated to make a difference.8. Publicize resultsTelling everyone in the office how well they are recycling will make them feel good andencourage them to recycle more. Free Toner Recycling provides annual certificates with thesedetails for you to use in your staff room, intranet or newsletters.19. Zero to LandfillIf you area really keen on reducing your environmental impact, Free Ink cartridge RecyclingService has a new waste collection service for everything you can’t recycle. Rather thanending up in landfill. It’s at great way to demonstrate your environmental commitment to yourstakeholders and set yourself apart from your competition.