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Power point

  1. 1. How To WriteAn Essay
  2. 2. A short piece of writing that analyzes a work or is written about a specific topic.What is an essay?
  3. 3. You will not always be given a topic so makesure you know or can find plenty of information about the topic you do choose!Topic?
  4. 4. Slang shouldn’t even be used in everyday language so why would it be used in an essay that will be graded?What about slang?
  5. 5. Your first draft will not be your last! So that means you can make mistakes, have erase marks, scribble on the sides; ALL OF THAT!Brainstorm!
  6. 6. Any essay should ALWAYS consist of three items: • Introduction • Body • ConclusionHow long is an essay?
  7. 7. The start of your essay. It leads your essay into your topic and also states your MAIN IDEA. It MAKES people want to read it! So that means you can’t have a boring one.Introduction
  8. 8. At least three supporting facts should form at least three paragraphs with evidence of each fact that forms the paragraph.Body
  9. 9. Yourenglishlessons.wordpress.comConfused?
  10. 10. THREE FACTS SUPPORTING YOUR MAIN IDEA (with evidence for each one) =THREE PARAGRAPHS (a paragraph for each fact) = THE BODY OF YOUR PAPER!
  11. 11. A paragraph that wraps up your whole essay.Finish strong and make sure no NEW information is included but make sure you’re not JUST restating old information.Conclusion
  12. 12. In other words, DON’T STEAL! You have to use your own words! Taking credit for someone else’s work will only get you an F!Don’t plagiarize!
  13. 13. When you take a couple words from someone else there is a THREE step process for that: 1. Cite your work. 2. CITE YOUR WORK. 3. CITE YOUR WORK! You HAVE to tell where you got it from.How to avoidplagiarism
  14. 14. Remember when you were citing your work in the BODY? Well this is where ALL the work you used, read, and got information from all goes.Reference page
  15. 15. You should beset to write youressay now!GOOD LUCK!
  16. 16. • Johnson, Tom. How to Write An Essay: 10 Easy Steps. The American University In Cairo. N.p. Aug 2004. Feb 2012.• Vergel, Sara. How to Write a Discursive Essay. Your English Lessons Blog. N.p. Dec 2009. Feb 2012.Cite page