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Is your Security Guard Service Cutting Corners?


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Is your security guard company providing the level of service that you require? Atlanta security company BOS Security explains the tactics that some security guard companies use to pad their profits.

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Is your Security Guard Service Cutting Corners?

  1. 1. Is Your Security Company Cutting Corners?
  2. 2. #1 Tactic is to Reduce Guard Wages • Low wages directly impact the quality of the Officers that work at your site. • Specify a minimum wage up front. • Do your homework on wages in your community. • The average security guard wage in Atlanta is $15/hour
  3. 3. Hidden Costs • Did you know that some security guard companies charge their officers for the uniforms that they wear? • Don’t tolerate this cut in pay for the officers on your contract!
  4. 4. Lack of Supervision • Does anyone from the company ever come by to check on the performance of the security guards at your building? • Be sure that you specify the level of supervision you expect from your security guard company!
  5. 5. No Employee Benefits • Low quality security guard companies don’t offer benefits to their officers. Yet another way they cut the wages of the officers that are supposed to be protecting you and your assets! • Ask up front what they offer in the way of vacation and holiday leave as well as health insurance plans.
  6. 6. 1099 employees • Some Atlanta security guard companies don’t consider their officers employees. They make the guards pay their own payroll taxes and don’t even provide workers compensation insurance to protect them if they are injured. Yet another way to pad their profits on your contract. • Ask your security company how they treat their officers!
  7. 7. Click here to check out our blog article that contains more of these tips!
  8. 8. Training Wages • Does your security guard company pay their officers regular wages during training or do they pay them a minimum wage? Yet another way to short-change the officers that are protecting you and pad their own pockets. • Do they even conduct the minimum required training? • Ask your security guard company (and the employees) how they handle training time!
  9. 9. Industry Participation • Is the management of your security guard company involved in any industry organizations like ASIS, BOMA, or the International Association Chiefs of Police? • Are they getting continuing education and staying up on the best practices in the industry? • Seek out a provider that values continuing education at all levels of the organization!
  10. 10. Looking for a quality security guard company in Atlanta? Click here to request a security assessment from BOS Security