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Futurist Residences Portfolio


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Modern residences

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Futurist Residences Portfolio

  1. 1. George James DucasArchitect - AIA – NCARBFUTURIST & MODERN RESIDENCESThe following is a proposal for Ultra Modern Residences; a reviewof a selective presentation of projects that I have been involvedwith in my career history to date. The purpose of this portfolio is toshow the diversity of projects and professionals that I have beenassociated with, but not limited to the project types presented.
  2. 2. Villa Noble of the Modern Era  Architect: George James Ducas  City: Dallas & Phoenix, USA  Client: Prototype Development 1988 – 2009GJD 2
  3. 3. The design incorporates elements of classical design interpreted into a modern language. Also addressed the balance between symmetry and asymmetry by shifting the eye to 1/3rd of the elevation. How do we incorporate asymmetry in architecture in a meaningful way and how does that relate to the symmetrical forms we so much desire as a human experience? How do you incorporate symmetry and asymmetry in a meaningful way and achieve a great composition? In our visual analysis we tend to look for symmetrical objects first. The first major subdivision in human form and in our perception is about 1/3Rd. And Hence this rhythm in our perception can be used as a rhythm of music. The first perception being Villa Noble of the Modern Era symmetry and the first major subdivision asymmetry. Therefore the classification of form has structure similar or analogous to Front Elevation and Entrance. The residence is raised on a piano music. This device, a modern one, whether noble. The entrance is tall and lofty. The first experience is derived intuitively or intentionally can be symmetry and the first major subdivision is asymmetry. This seen in the works of device of point and counterpoint is similar to the departure and Corbusier, Pei, Saarinen, Niemeyer, and return of poetry and music, a structure of rhythm that is familiar to others. There are a multitude of ways to our perception and attitudes toward acceptable human harmonies. explore this relationship whether it is direct or implied.GJD 3
  4. 4. Villa Noble of the Modern EraGJD 4
  5. 5. Prototype for a Low – Cost Housing SystemGJD 5
  6. 6. Prototype for a Low-Cost Housing System for the Department of Agriculture This project involved the design of 1000 square feet of residential space. This was a modern home at an affordable price of high quality. A low cost housing system provides efficient energy use, new materials, quality, durability, and technology. Operational savings are in energy efficiency and prolonged life cycle costs of building materials. The system is assembled on site. Fewer components are required for assembly reducing labor time. The system is flexible, incorporating many new materials of the commercial construction market for utilization in any house design configuration. The objective is to provide a high quality and flexible system while reducing dramatically the cost of housing. The house focuses on energy, conservation, and house design. Building homes by improving the quality of construction strives to ensure that these technically advanced homes are marketable and will meet the needs of the people who live in them. The home makes advances in structures, weather envelope, heating, cooling, power, appliances, glazing, affordability, economy, technology, efficiency, and livability to provide at a low cost.GJD 6
  7. 7. The progression of color and form presents a system of partitions that form the basis of evolving space through the project. This is an experimental exercise in system, proportion, rhythm, and hierarchy. Such systems are an analogy of similar processes in nature that adopt progressive structures that represent the interaction of various forces and motion according to the proportions of physical laws. Color can be used as an identifier of progression system and evolution of space. To the left is a model representing progression systems in 2 dimensions. The four plates articulate the abstract progression of space and form. Two axonometric illustrate the progression in 2 dimensions. One plate refines the 2 progressions in floor plan, and one plate illustrates the 2 progressions as a series of progressing forms. Progression adopt system, hierarchy, rhythm, proportion, and an underlying trend that forms the basis of relationship between the elements of form and space. As so, in a sense, architecture becomes progressive, indentifying with the organic processes in nature, which has forces acting in a trans dimensional manner or multi dimensional manner. The plates present an idea that can be explored ad infinitum. As in music, the possibilities are endless, and represent the infinite nature of the human mind, which also is analogy to the infinite nature of God. Prototype for a Low – Cost housing System: Prototype 5 X 8 ProgressionGJD 7
  8. 8. Prototype for a Low Cost Housing SystemGJD 8
  9. 9. Villa Rotunda of the Modern Era  Architect: George James Ducas  City: Dallas & Phoenix, USA  Client: Prototype Development 1988 – 2009GJD 9
  10. 10. The project is a reinterpretation of Palladio’s Villa rotunda. The form is translated into 4 cubic layers. There is more closure on the western façade and open up on the eastern façade. The main building has three levels with the living area floating as a diamond on the second level. The cube is penetrated from the 4 cardinal points and reveals an acrylic fireplace as an iconic form. The bedroom areas are a related as a diagonal arrangement and form the rear entrance to the residence site. There are 2 structural systems, The first are load bearing shear walls, and the second is a steal and beam moment connected structure that could be trussed for additional support. All the living areas have glass roofs. Functional and living areas are created through the layers. Ideally this project would be raised on a piano noble.GJD 10
  11. 11. The residence views are both exterior and interior. Interior views include the living area and one master bedroom. VILLA ROTUNDA OF THE MODERN ERAGJD 11
  12. 12. Office and Residence Open PlanGJD 12
  13. 13. Courtyard Residence Open PlanGJD 13
  14. 14. Garden Plan Residence Open PlanGJD 14
  15. 15. This project was conceived as a set of potential apartment villas along a coastline. The interior subdivision of space is made possible by furniture applications that are built in, modular, multi- functional, movable, and removable. The central cube is multi-functional acting as a library, service center, stairwell, skylight, recreation, storage, and astronomy center. The furniture is made from dark woods such as mahogany and is used throughout to create the bar, kitchen, partitions, movable walls, wine racks, library area, chairs, table, living, and bedroom assemblies. Another version to this scheme was developed as a crescent, with parking incorporated into each unit. Bedrooms and a family area are on the second level. The first level is public, however there is also a public area on the roof balcony to the second level. The fenestration presents a sleek horizontality that is accented by the second levels forms that lead the eye upward along the central tower. The rear building is an office, retail center and sports center. Multi-Use Apartment Villas – International StyleGJD 15