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Reducing time to insight


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Analysts spend an enormous amount of time extracting, transforming and presenting their findings. In order to spend more time providing insights and less time on creating the reports several tools can be introduced to the analysts toolbench. This presentation discusses both the tools and techniques to use.

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Reducing time to insight

  1. 1. Data extraction, transformationand presentation tips and tricksReducing Time to InsightThomas BosilevacChief Insight Officer@bosilytics
  2. 2. v2- KPI Definition (organize your data)- Insight Automation (keep listening)- GA / WebTrends / Analytics TrainingFORMEREMPLOYERS
  3. 3. Data is VERY important to these execs
  4. 4. They paid for eMetrics didn’t they?
  5. 5. Execs want more than they ask
  6. 6. Not froma lack of(though still an issue)“ANALYTICS”GOOGLESEARCH VOLUME INDEXOr lackof …
  7. 7. But this
  8. 8. TakesMuch
  9. 9. UNTIL NOW
  10. 10. Did I go to college forthis?Excel formatting anyone?CrunchTime!Your current problem?
  11. 11. The Solution…FewHoursSeveralDays…Iterative
  12. 12. Challenges within “Web” AnalyticsDisparate DataSetsGoogle Analytics Webtrends OmnitureTwitter Facebook YouTubeAdWords, DART ads, CPM runseMail and CRM dataHigh-cardinalityDate, Location, Sources, LandingPage, CampaignWe have lot’s of datasystems, not reportingsystems
  13. 13. The Analysts Toolchest1111
  14. 14. Collection or Extraction- Get rid of copy / paste- Data becomes more reliable- Controlled data warehousing
  15. 15. Collection / Extraction- Continuous / scheduled feeds- Advanced data such as filters, segments, etc- Look at Total Cost of OwnershipAnalyticsCanvas –Powerful for Enterprise GA extractionETL like workflowScheduled and cloud optionsSimplyMeasuredSeveral Social Media sourcesPre-compiled reportsAccess to RAW dataSimplyMeasuredWorks directly from ExcelProprietary query languageLimited GA extraction
  16. 16. Automated comparison commandcreates new segment:- Networked (Follower and Friend), -Followers Only,- Friends OnlyList of FriendsList of FollowersExports thousands tomillions of friends,followers, tweets, etcfrom TwitterNextAnalytics includes severaltransformation commandsextending on Excel’s functionality
  17. 17. Transformation- Slide and dice data- Rename / Create Dimensions and Measures- Create Groups and Sets of dataAnalyticsCanvas –True ETL tools and functionsSave workflow for continuous useCreate segments from other dimensionsNextAnalyticsCreate Global Find and Replace functionsCreate segments from data or dimensionsPivot across dimensionsTableauJoin data from multiple sourcesEasily create Groups and Sets of dataDrill down dates
  18. 18. Collection / ExtractionUtilize the “Segment” Block tocustomize referring sources
  19. 19. COMPARE – CONTRASTQuickly utilize multi dimension graphing. (scatter + size + color)Non- BrandedOver 49K unique phrases
  20. 20. Presentation- Allow interactivity for users- Easily add notes and annotations- Share and discuss with peersLeftronicSimply to use Dashboard SaaSEasy to rollout and buildLimited transformation and presentation optionsQlikViewGood visual templatesCan be end-to-end ETL toolTableauSlice and Dice charting (rapid-fire)“Show Me” feature can choose best chart typeGround up data visualization
  21. 21. ENGAGE- Use Quick Filters fornarrowing down on graphs- Automatically segment,choose different metrics andfilter data.
  22. 22. ACCESSIBILITYA low learning curve isESSENTIAL for enterpriseadoption
  23. 23. Story Telling- Automate “insights”- Workflow reporting publishing- Communicate data to the massesInsightRocketCustom Configured data sourcesDaily/Weekly Alerts and AlarmsPublish StoriesMeasurefulPlugs into Google AnalyticsGreat visualsConcentrated on Sources and Visitor ActivityNarrativeScienceAuto generated “Stories”Analyzes several data setsGoogle Analytics plugin
  24. 24. Founders have solid understanding of Analysis challengesIntegrated best of breed technologies for best of breed insight engineFront-end integration consultation requiredRevel “differences”Investigate from pre-configureddata-warehouseIntegrated Tableaufunctionality into dataPublish to Relevant MembersDiscussion Group
  25. 25. 1) Automate Data Extraction2) Use tools for datatransformation3) Use Data Viz tools to presentIn Summary
  26. 26. The Analysts Toolchest1111Bring up your business card for a PDF version