Maintenance of service book and leave account.bose


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Maintenance of service book and leave account.bose

  2. 2. SERVICE RECORDS MAINTENANCE – CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYESSERVICE RECORDS1 Service book is a record of every event occurring in the official life of agovernment servant. It has to be maintained for every government servantholding a permanent or a temporary post except for those who are notlikely to be in service for more than one year or those holding nonpensionable service (SRs 196 and 197).2 Service book in form MSO(T)-27 (Revised) must be opened for allgovernment servants from the date of entry into service and is to bemaintained till he ceases to be in service. Service book also containscertain entries about events prior to entry into the service. Entries at thisstage are to be recorded very carefully after consulting the originalcertificates. Once the service book is opened and the entries at the initialstage recorded, other entries also have to be recorded as and when theevents take place. Entries regarding confirmation, suspension,reduction in rank, withholding of increments, recovery loss, leavewithout pay, service break, of President Police Medal/Indian PoliceMedal etc.,should be made in red ink. Service book must be kept in safecustody.3 All the entries made in the service book should be duly attested. Thereshould not be erasing or overwriting in the service book. Corrections, if any,should be neatly done and properly attested. The Head of Offices arepermitted to delegate powers to subordinate Gazetted officers under them,to attest entries in the service books except their own service book forwhich the Head of Offices are responsible (SR-199).4 In CBI, different posts are filled by deputation as well as directrecruitment/promotion etc. In so far as the deputationists are concerned,service books in prescribed format of the parent department are transferred
  3. 3. to CBI and entries with regard to the events during the tenure of theirdeputation are to be recorded by the concerned office at the appropriateplace/part/column.5 To eliminate delay in payment of pension, it shall the responsibility of theofficer maintaining the service book to make annual verification and alsocomplete and certify the service book in respect of previous service in thetwenty fifth year of service or 5 years before retirement, whichever is less.The orders of the competent authority, where required on the nature ofservice (e.g. period of leave, break in service etc.) should be obtained andrecorded in the service book. Unless otherwise shown in the service book,it will be presumed that orders of the competent authority have beenobtained and period of extraordinary leave, period of preceding breaks inservice will be counted for pension. If any lapse or omission in observingthis procedure results in overpayment, suitable disciplinary action will betaken against the authorities concerned.(Rule 32 of CCS (Pension) Rules).6 Maintenance of Service Book6.1 Service Book contains two volumes:-Vol.I has four parts and Appendix containing leave account.Part-I: Contains bio data and photograph.Part-II: Deals with certificates and attestation.Part-III: Records previous qualifying service and foreign service.Part-IV: Deals with the history and verification of service.Vol.II contains all the service documents which are to be certified andattested in Part-II of Vol.I.6.2 Following entries / certificates are to be recorded in the service book atthe time of first appointment and attested by the Head of Office or any otherofficer duly authorised.(i) Employee has been medically examined and found fit.(ii) His/her character and antecedents have been verified.(iii) He/she has furnished declaration of his/her not having contractedbigamous marriage.
  4. 4. (iv) He/she has taken the oath of allegiance/affirmation to the Constitution.(v) He/she has furnished the declaration of home town which has beenaccepted.(vi) The correctness of the entries against the following items of Part-I. Bio-data has been verified from original certificates furnished as validdocumentary evidence for the respective purpose.- Whether a member of SC/ST.- Date of birth by Christian era and wherever possible also in Saka era(both in words and figures).- Educational qualifications.(vii) Professional and technical qualification not covered by above1[1]- He/she has filed nominations for GPF and related entries have beenfurnished to the Account Office on various dates.- He/she has furnished details of the family members.- He/she has filed nominations for Death/Retirement Gratuity.6.3 Events requiring entries in the Service Book.(i) Entries at the time of initial appointment.(ii) Occurrence of events involving a change in the post, station, office,scale of pay, nature of appointment, promotion, reversion, deputation,transfer on foreign service, increment, leave suspension and other forms ofinterruption in service.(iii) Events like stoppage of increment.(iv) Grant of personal pay for adopting family planning norms.(v) Grant of special leave/Paternity leave.(vi) Membership of CBI Benevolent Fund.(vii) Facts of availing LTC either by Government servant or member of hisfamily.(viii) Grant of encashment of leave during service.(ix) Allotment of GPF account number.(x) Deputation/repatriation/absorption.(xi) Confirmation at the initial grade.
  5. 5. 6.4 Documents to be placed in Volume – II of the Service Book(i) Relaxation of age, educational qualification (authenticated/ attestedcopy).(ii) Report regarding verification of character and antecedents (original).(iii) Medical certificate of fitness (original).(iv) Declaration of marital status (original).(v) Acceptance of Home Town declaration (signed/attested copy).(vi) Oath/affirmation of allegiance.(vii) Nomination for PF, DCRG, CGEGIS, Benevolent Fund.(viii) Details of Family (Signed/attested copy).(ix) Order regarding change of date of birth (authenticated/ attested).(x) Change of name (original).(xi) Change in home town / permanent home address (once in service life).(xii) Attested copies of certificates of age and education qualification.(xiii) Condonation of break in service.(xiv) Collateral evidence in respect of first service.6.5 Leave AccountA leave account shall be maintained in the prescribed form for eachgovernment servant and must be kept with the service book with up to dateaccount (Rule 15 of CCS(Leave) Rules, 1972).6.6 Annual Verification of ServiceAt a fixed time, immediately after financial year is over, the service bookshall be taken up for verification by the Head of Office, Annual Verificationentry has to be recorded very carefully after consulting the Pay BillRegister. When the government servant is transferred from one office toanother, the Head of the Office under whom he was originallyposted/worked should record the verification of service in espect of thewhole period or a month/date upto which pay and allowance of agovernment servant were drawn inter alia upto the period for which thegovernment servant was paid in his office.
  6. 6. 7 CGEGI Scheme – Form No. 13 to be pasted in the Service Book7.1 Every year in the month of January the Head of Office will record acertificate in column 7 in the following form:“Subscription @ Rs. _______ appropriate to group _____ of the schemerecovered from Pay & Allowances for the period from January ____ to Dec._____.”7.2 All other events in the nature of promotion, transfers on deputation /foreign service, absorption in PSU/Autonomous bodies, retirement etc.occurring during the service career of the member of the scheme shall alsobe recorded in the appropriate column No. 6 of the form duly attested [GI(8) - SR 199].8 Inspection of Service BookEvery Head of Office has to initiate action to show the service book to thegovernment servant concerned every year and to obtain his signature therein token of their having inspected / seen the Service Book (SR 202).9 Supply of copies of Service BookGovernment servant who asks for a certified copy of the service book onquitting service on retirement, discharge or resignation may be suppliedwith the same on payment of Rs. 5/- as copying fee.10 Alteration in Date of BirthAn alteration of date of birth of a government servant can be made, with thesanction of the Ministry or Department concerned of the CentralGovernment under which the government servant is serving, if :(i) The request for alteration of the date of birth is made within a period of 5years of his entry into government service.
  7. 7. (ii) It is clearly established that a bonafide clerical mistake has occurredand should be rectified.(iii) The date of birth so altered would not make him ineligible to appear inany School or University or UPSC examination in which he had appearedat such examination or on the date on which he entered the governmentservice.10.1 Belated Claims for Alteration in date of birth to be rejected:The Government policy regarding rejection of belated claim for alteration indate of birth has been reinforced by the observations made by theSupreme Court in the judgement in Civil Appeal No. 502 of 1993 (Union ofIndia vs. Harnam Singh). This position has to be kept in view whileconsidering any request from a government servant for alteration in hisdate of birth. In other words, it will not be appropriate to consider anyrequest for alteration in date of birth if the conditions stipulated in Notebelow FR 56 are not strictly fulfilled.11 NominationsNominations under different rules are required to be obtained on prescribedforms. It has to be ensured that the nominations are not only filled inproperly and signed by government servant concerned but areauthenticated/accepted by the officer so authorised for the purpose. Inorder to ensure that nominations of the concerned employee have beenobtained, a list may be maintained in the following format and can be keptin the Service Book for periodical checking. Contd……
  8. 8. Some important provisions of rules1 The rules governing the maintenance of service books in respect ofGovernment servants are contained in the FRs&SRs and the GFRs. Someimportant provisions of rules which should be kept in view while maintainingservice books are mentioned in the ensuing paragraphs.[SR 197].2 A Service Book should be maintained by the Head of Office for everyGovernment Servant (Gazetted and Non-Gazetted) holding a substantivepost on a permanent establishment or officiating in a post or holding atemporary post likely to last for more than one year.Custody of Service Books[SR 198].3 A service book shall be maintained for a Government servant from thedate of his first appointment to Government service. It must be kept in thecustody of the Head of the Office in which he is serving and transferredwith him from office to office.Attestation of Entries in Service Books[Government of India decision (1) below SR 199 in the SwamysCompilation of FRs & S Rs, Part 1 (7th Edition)].4 The Head of Office can delegate, to a subordinate gazetted officerunder him, powers to attest entries in the service books of all gazettedofficers (except his own) for the maintenance of which he is responsible.The Head of Office should however scrutinize at least ten per cent of thesedocuments every year and initial the same in token of having done so.
  9. 9. Entries of Foreign Service in Service Books[SR 203].5 If a Government servant is transferred to foreign service, the Head ofhis Office or Department must send his service book to the Pay & AccountsOfficer who will return it after noting in it, under his signature, the ordersanctioning the transfer, the effect of the transfer in regard to leaveadmissible during foreign service etc. On the Government servants re-transfer to Government service his service book must again be sent to thePay & Accounts Officer who will then note in it the fact of recovery of leavesalary and pension contributions. No entry relating to the period spent onforeign service should be attested by any authority other than the PAO.This fact is ,however to be recorded by DDO in case of the merged DDOScheme.Leave Account[Rule 15 of CCS (Leave) Rules].6 A leave account shall be maintained for each Government servant(Gazetted or Non-Gazetted) by the Head of Office. Entries regarding leavein the leave account and the service book should be made distinctly andattested.Nature of Entries in Service Books[SR 199].7 Every step in a Government servants offical life should be recorded inhis service book and each entry must be attested by the Head of Office or ifhe himself is the Head of Office, by his immediate superior. The Head ofOffice must see that all entries are duly made and attested and that theservice book contain no erasure or over-writing, all corrections being neatlymade and properly attested.[Government of India Orders(1) below SR 199 of the "SwamysCompilation of FRs & SRs (Part 1) (7th Edition)].8 The entries regarding increments, and fixation of pay should be basedon the Increment Certificates, and Pay fixation statements. The declaration
  10. 10. of the Government servant electing the new scale of Pay and the statementshowing the fixation of his initial pay in the relevant scale in support of theentry in the service book should be pasted in the service book.[Rule 4 of the LTC Rules].9 The declaration of Home-Town for purpose of Leave Travel Concessionduly accepted by the competent authority should be pasted in the servicebook.(SR 200].10 Every period of suspension from employment and every otherinterruption in service must be noted promptly with full details of its durationand be properly attested.Periodical Inspection of Service Books by the Govt. ServantConcerned[SR 202].11 The Head of Office should show the service book to each Governmentservant under his administrative control every year, and obtain hissignature therein in token of his having inspected the service book. Acertificate to the effect that he has done so in repect of the precedingfinancial year should be submitted by him to his next superior by the end ofevery September.Entries regarding Date of Birth12 The provisions of Rules 79 and 80 of GFRs should be observed withregard to the entry of the date of birth in the service book.[Note 5 below FR 56].13 No alteration in the date of birth of a Government servant should bemade except with the sanction of the Ministry/Department concerned of theCentral Government, under which the Government servant is serving,provided :
  11. 11. (a) A request in this regard is made within five years of his entry intoGovernment service(b) it is clearly established that a genuine bonafide mistake has occured;and(c) the date of birth so altered would not make him ineligible to appear inany School or University or UPSC examination in which he had appeared,or for entry into Government service on the date on which he first appearedat such examination or on the date on which he entered Governmentservice.Entries regarding verfication of service(GFR 81).14 (i) In the beginning of each year all the service books should be takenup for verification of service by the Head of Office in terms of Rule 81 ofGFRs and a certificate in the following manner recorded therein over hissignature :- "Service verified upto (date) from ........................the recordfrom which the verification is made.[Government of India Decision No.(1) below GFR 81].(ii) If any portion of service cannot be verified from office records, theHead of Office should state distinctly that for the excepted periods (namingthem) a statement in writing by the Government servant as well as a recordof the evidence of his contemporaries ,is attached to the service book.[Government of India decision(3) below GFR81].15 In case of transfer of Government servant, the Head of Office underwhom he was originally employed should record the verification of servicein respect of the whole period during which the Government servant wasemployed under him before forwarding the service book to the office wherehis services are transferred.Providing certified copy of Service Book[Government of India decision No.(5) below GFR 81].
  12. 12. 16 A certified copy of service book may be supplied on payment of acopying fee Rs. 5/- to a Government servant who asks for it on quittingGovernment service, by retirement, discharge or resignation.Note regarding receipts of nominations for pension/ DCRG & otherimportant to entries[Government of India Decision No. 1 below Rule 53 of CCS (Pension)Rules,1972].17 A clear note should be made in the service book regarding the receiptof nomination for DCR Gratuity and Family Pension and related noticesfrom the Government servant and where they have been lodged for safecustody.[Government of India Decision(7) below GFR 81].18 The orders of the competent authority regarding the counting orotherwise of periods of extraordinary leave,or periods preceding breaks inservice or qualifying service for pension should be obtained invariably atthe very time the occasion arises and not later. Such orders should benoted in the service book.[Government of India Order No. (5) below SR 199 in SwamysCompilation of FRs,Part 1 (7th Edition)].19 General Provident Fund Account No. allotted to a Government servant(including any subsequent changes in the Account No.) should be enteredon the right hand top of page 1 of his service book by means of a rubberstamp.[Para 4.2 of M/F OM No.F.15(3)/78 WIP dated 30-10-80,read with OMNo..F.15(3)/78 WIP,dated 20-2-82].20 The Head of Office should ensure that necessary note of themembership of CGEGI Scheme has been made in respect of GovernmentServants who were in service on 1st November,1980 and who did notexercise the option to opt out of the scheme and those who joined theGovernment Service later.[Para 9 of the M/F O.M. No. F. 15(3)/78 WIP, dated 31-12-80].
  13. 13. 21 The Head of Office should obtain from every Government servant whois a member of C.G.E.G.I. Scheme a nomination in Form 7/Form 8 as thecase may be, countersign it and paste it in the Service Book. Whenever thenomination is revised by the Government servant, the fresh nominationshould be similarly counter-signed and pasted.22 The photograph of the Government servant should be pasted on theright side of page 1 of the service book.23 Proper entries regarding medical examination of the Governmentservant at the time of appointment and attestation forms verifyingantecedents and character etc. should be made at the appropriate place ofthe service book. Thanks