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  1. 1. Aayakar Seva Kendra1AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRAShankar BoseInspector of Income-taxMSTU, Puri
  3. 3. What taxpayers’ get.• The Aayakar Seva Kendra represents a single window systemfor registration of all taxpayers applications / returns.• Application could be filed in person as well as through a dropbox facility.• System generated unique acknowledgement number issuedon the spot.• Used for monitoring the status of applications & returns.• Information regarding resolution of requested services couldbe obtained from the ASK. 3AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  4. 4. What is Aayakar Seva Kendra• Department’s flagship project for integrated service delivery.• A multi-faceted mechanism for achieving excellence in public servicesdelivery reflecting the new Quality policy of the Income-tax department.• A single point of contact for the taxpayers where taxpayer request forservices including grievances are registered and acknowledged throughunique identifier for tracking the request throughout its life-cycle.• Guided by Sevottam, a service quality management framework forgovernment organisations and reflects a change in mindset of the Income-tax Department from an exclusive enforcement agency to that of aservice provider as well.4AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  5. 5. Changing face of tax administration –Changing role and priority• Providing Quality Tax Payers Services.• To detect & Penalise Non-compliance.5AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  6. 6. Kelkar Committee Report• From Purely Enforcement Agency• Primarily Service Oriented• Greater Emphasis on Elaborate Tax Payers Services6AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRAChanging face of tax administration –Changing role and priority
  7. 7. • From Administrator to service provider.• Introduction of Public Service Bill.• Right to Information Act.• Creation of Ombudsman.• Citizens Character. Have you seen it?• Is it enforceable?Changing face of tax administration –Changing role and priority7AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  8. 8. • Why Tax Payers Services?• One of the Essentials of a Good Tax System.Changing face of tax administration –Changing role and priority8AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  9. 9. • Tax Payer Services : Definition : Provisionof information and material by the TaxAdministration to the general mass of taxpayers so as to facilitate compliance withtax laws.• Reason for Priority : Growing Economy.Large Tax Payer Bases.• Thus the Shift of Role Focus.Changing face of tax administration –Changing role and priority9AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  10. 10. • Does this Shift of focus implies abandonment ofits traditional role of Enforcement?• Tax Payers are ‘customers’ or ‘clients’ for the TaxDepartment.• How is that different from being called assessee?• Difference lies in Attitude & Approach to beadopted.Changing face of tax administration –Changing role and priority10AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  11. 11. Why and how?• Tax Payers Services encourages voluntarycompliance.• Range of Services– Publication :• Tax Guides (Instructions)• Pamphlets and Bulletins• Audio Cassettes for visuallyimpaired• Newspaper tax supplements• Reminders in Press11AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  12. 12. Media :• Radio or Television commercials• Special Television programmes• Video Cassettes• Press Conferences12AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRARange of Services....
  13. 13. Media :• Radio or Television commercials• Special Television programmes• Video Cassettes• Press Conferences13AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRARange of Services....
  14. 14. • Telephone : Contact• Telephone Assistance• Tele Info.• IVRS14AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRARange of Services....
  15. 15. • Personal Contacts–Walk in clinics (help centres).–Tax clinics.15AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRARange of Services....
  16. 16. Important points• Services are deliverable products which areintangible.• The customer/client served should be able tofeel satisfied, elated, happy and delighted.• The key ingredients are (A) People (B) PhysicalEvidence (C) Process.16AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  17. 17. • In this project:• Every Officer is a PRO.• Role to project an “assessee friendly” image.• Citizens Charter lays down the expectations.• Refund : Most sensitive. Considerable badimage.17AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRAImportant points
  18. 18. • Handling complaints.– Society is becoming more aware and confidentabout complaining.– Receiving a complaint what not to Say or Do.18AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRAImportant points
  19. 19. Don’t say:• I don’t see what the problem is.• Could you call back tomorrow.• It’s not our policy.• There’s no one here who can help you.• You’re not the first person tocomplain about that.• I’m going on holiday tomorrow.• I’m new here.• It’s not my job.19AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  20. 20. And don’t:• Justify. The problem-callers are not interested inour problems, just what you’re going to do abouttheir problem.• Make excuses – acknowledge the problem, thenget on and solve it.• Make unrealistic promises.• Take it personally or allocate blame-it will result inemotional behaviour, defensiveness andaggression.20AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  21. 21. Building Blocks for Success(4As)• Attitude: A complaint is an opportunity toimprove, a positive attitude will help youhandle it successfully.• Acknowledgement: How would you feel ifthis happened to you? Listen actively, askopen questions, acknowledge there is causefor complaint, show empathy.21AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  22. 22. Managing Aggression andRudeness• Aggression:•Don’t enter into an argument.•Allow the caller to let off steam.•Don’t interrupt.•Put the 4As into action.• Rudeness:•Ignore the rudeness.•Don’t retaliate.•Don’t take it personally.•Pt the 4As into action. 22AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  23. 23. The 4 As• Attitude.• Acknowledgement.• Agreement.• Action.23AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA
  24. 24. Thank You24AAYAKAR SEVA KENDRA