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Running workflows through galaxy bosc presentation



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Running workflows through galaxy bosc presentation

  1. 1. Running Workflows through Taverna Server<br />Donal Fellows<br />The University of Manchester<br />
  2. 2. The Overall Picture<br />User Workflows<br />Web Portal<br />Deployment Host<br />Tomcat 6 Container+ CXF Framework<br />Web Service<br />Per-Run Taverna Workflow Engine<br />Per User File Manager<br />Taverna Server Webapp<br />Document Store<br />Common System Model<br />Taverna Workbench (forthcoming)<br />SOAP<br />Common Management Model<br />REST<br />Jabber<br />Atom<br />JMX<br />Database<br />Ruby Client<br />
  3. 3. Taverna Server<br />Serverized Taverna<br />Multiuser<br />Secured<br />Runs Taverna Workflows away from the desktop<br />REST and SOAP interfaces - Supports many clients<br />We have Ruby and Java client libraries<br />No favourite languages!<br />Open to be used and changed<br />LGPL 2.1<br />Projects Using/Evaluating<br />Taverna-Galaxy, NeISS, MethodBox, Next Generation Sequencing, HELIO, caBIG, EU IMPACT, …<br />
  4. 4. Ruby web interface<br />
  5. 5. Using in a Portal<br />User goes to Portal<br />Sees functionality provided by workflow<br />Example: Get annotated SNPs for sample using Mouse baseline<br />Clicks on Run it, provides data<br />Taverna Server gets busy here…<br />Waits for results<br />Or gets notified (e.g., SMS, Twitter)<br />Picks up results<br />Example: Consequences of all changes across genome<br />