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Mobyle 1 0_new_features_new_types_of_service



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Mobyle 1 0_new_features_new_types_of_service

  1. 1. Mobyle 1.0: new features, new types of services Hervé Ménager, Bertrand Néron, Vivek Gopalan, Sandrine Larroudé, Julien Maupetit, Adrien Saladin, Pierre Tuffery, Yentram Huyen, Bernard Caudron Bioinformatics Open Source Conference, July 15th, 2011
  2. 2. What is Mobyle
  3. 3. Providing an access to bioinformatics resources for biologists ?
  4. 4. New types of services: Workflows ● Beyond the existing "interactive pipe" functionality ● Automated chaining or sequential/parallel jobs ● base is the same XML description as the other types of services, ● specificity: Execution specified as the coordinated execution of multiple tasks
  5. 5. Workflow forms
  6. 6. Workflow results
  7. 7. Workflow details and monitoring
  8. 8. Workflows portal integration ● In the portal's left menu, searchable and sortable the same way as programs. ● In the "interactive pipe" menus
  9. 9. Viewers: VARNA example
  10. 10. Viewers: implementation ● base is the same XML description as the other types of services, ● specificity: includes a template for a custom chunk of HTML code.
  11. 11. Other existing viewers
  12. 12. Soon: viewers are good, editors are better!
  13. 13. Other new features ● Improved workspace management: ○ easier workspace cleanup ○ bookmark->service links ● Execution engine flexibility ○ multiple DRMs configuration allowed and multi-DRM job routing. ○ new supported DRM: LSF ● OpenID authentication thanks to Olivier Sallou ● Google Analytics reporting integration (GenOuest)
  14. 14. Acknowledgements Institut Pasteur GenOuest Bertrand Néron Olivier Sallou Sandrine Larroudé Anthony Bretaudeau Corinne Maufrais Nicolas Joly NIAID BCBB Bernard Caudron Vivek Gopalan Sophie Créno Yentram Huyen NCSU And many others... Ignazio Carbone Trent Monacell RPBS Julien Maupetit Pierre Tufféry Adrien Saladin LIPM Toulouse Sébastien Carrère