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Becoming the Original in Design

  1. Becoming the Original in Design Borrys Hasian / @borryshasian / Head of UX & Design, Rakuten Viki
  2. orig*i*nal, n A thing of singular or unique character; a person who is different from other people in an appealing or interesting way; a person of fresh initiative or inventive capacity. Source: The Originals by Adam Grant
  3. Two Routes to Achievement Conformity Originality Following the crowd, conventional path. Supporting status quo. Take the path less travelled, initially against the grain but eventually makes things better.
  4. 1 Challenge the Default
  5. Viki navigation bar before March 2015
  6. The improved design. We cut down 67% of the items. Replaced some landing pages with an Explore Page and streamlined the content discovery flow.
  7. 32% 69% An average conversion to the video pages. 115% An average increase in conversion to the video pages. Old version Proposed version The results
  8. 2 Interact More with the Users
  9. Remote usability testing with an existing user Usability testing on the mobile app with a potential user Usability testing with random user
  10. Episodes selection on a particular show What we thought was better for our users: a simpler episode list. What users need: episode thumbnail to get a feel before deciding to watch the show.
  11. How do users rate shows? Our decision to use 1-10 scaleOne of the user research methods to find out how
  12. 3 Collaborate
  13. Three factors to balance in innovation Source: Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley
  14. An engineer pasted this on my monitor
  15. Sketchstorming with the engineers, product manager, researcher, and designers
  16. Defining Viki brand experience. From SF to SG office.
  17. The executives Product managers Designers Engineers Users The improved homepage, launched in Nov 2015 9.6% People who navigate from the home page to the video page
  18. 4 Speed Matters
  19. Image source: Google Design Sprint 2-5 days of design sprint.
  20. 5 Be Better. Don't just use canned solutions.
  21. Watch indicator. What others are doing (long bar) vs Viki (time left + simple pie icon).
  22. Be Original and change things. Stay in touch Borrys Hasian / @borryshasian /