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Emergency 2.0 Wiki at Davos Conference


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Presentation about the Emergency 2.0 Wiki, an open online platform created by volunteers, collecting & sharing information on using social media for emergency management. This presentation was given at the Top Communications Conference at Davos on 10/02/12

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Emergency 2.0 Wiki at Davos Conference

  1. 1. Emergency 2.0 Wiki
  2. 2. Who are we ? Professionals from all industry sectors, committed to helping create Emergency 2.0 Ready Communities
  3. 3. Vision To help build resilient communities, empowered with the knowledge to usesocial media in emergency communications. Emergency agencies Government agencies and schools Community agencies and nonprofits Business, Media The Public
  4. 4. GoalsTo provide a free global resource for using social media and new technologies in emergenciesTo provide guidelines on how to utilise social media in all phases of emergency management: Emergency Prevention/Mitigation Emergency Preparation Emergency Response Emergency Recovery
  5. 5. Stakeholders• Emergency agencies and first responders (eg police, fire, ambulance)• Business (eg global corporates to small business)• Education (eg schools, universities)• NGOs, Charities and Service Clubs (eg UN, Red Cross, Lions)• Volunteer Technical Community (eg Crisis Commons, Humanity Road)• Media
  6. 6. Where are we ?
  7. 7. How can you help ?• Checkout the Wiki:• Follow us on Twitter: @emergency20wiki• Join LinkedIn Group: Emergency 2.0 WikiCheck out:
  8. 8. How can you help ?• Tweet your tips! Seen a great link, tip on using social media for emergencies? Share it with @emergency20wiki• Contribute to the LinkedIn discussions – share links, news, resources, blog posts, info on new apps• Promote the Wiki to your networks, tweet and blog about the Wiki!• Help us establish alliances !• Join a reference group and help lead key areas of the wiki (content)• Join a Communications Working Group
  9. 9. How can you help ? We’re looking to establish a global group, withprofessionals from each continent to help with PR, media, marketing etc for the Wiki. Let us know !
  10. 10. Thank you ! Keep safe and get in