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Nearhood - making local communities flourish

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Nearhood presentation

  1. 1. nearhood making localcommunities flourish BORNLOCAL
  2. 2. We live in aglobalized world. Yes, but...
  3. 3. Our daily surroundingsstill play a major €role. In our lives– and in theeconomy. “ 60% Nearly of the economy is rooted in—Schuman, Michael H. "The Competitiveness ofLocal Living Economies". Post Carbon Institute 2010 place”
  4. 4. Yet, digital services forlocal communities arestill very much under- developed.
  5. 5. You’ve found an abandonend bike in your yard:how do you reach out to your neighborhoodto check if it belongs to someone nearby? Photo: (cc) owenfinn16
  6. 6. Your hairdressing salon in the local mall is out of bookings forthe whole afternoon: how do you send out a message topeople nearby that you have half-price special starting now?
  7. 7. We spend a major part ofour time around theplace where we live.  50%Yet we have no efficientmeans to keep up with our surroundings – or todiscuss local topics.
  8. 8. City planning, police and other publicauthorities generate lots of informationabout local issues – but to keep up withthat information flow as residents, wewould need to follow dozens of differentchannels.
  9. 9. For companies there’s ahuge variety of digitalchannels in general andways of segmentingcustomers based on age,profession, gender, etc.But for a local business toreach out to local residents,the only real means todayare still the old-fashionedprint and direct marketing.
  10. 10. OUR SOLUTION:All locally relevant information in one place. municipality news associations sources nearhood other residents online services local businesses
  11. 11. Nearhood collects & refines local content EDITORIAL COMPILATIONS    AUTOMATED COMPILATIONS    CONTENT FEED     INFORMATION CHAOS
  12. 12. A local website for ...for both dailyevery city district and weekly useand village...
  13. 13. For residents❙ Channel for sharing local observations & concerns and nurturing the local community❙ Way to find out about local services, organizations and events❙ Possibility to influence the municipality and local businesses
  14. 14. For organizations❙ Cost-free channel for reaching the local residents
  15. 15. sanom.atFor businesses❙ Affordable, local, real-time marketing channel❙ Marketing messages as conversational medium – building more sustainable and profitable customer relationships❙ Conversational messages from local businesses are not perceived as pushy as traditional display-ads
  16. 16. For businesses❙ All businesses also get a page in service directory displaying the key facts and summing up all the messages from the business
  17. 17. For hyperlocal platforms, the game is still open – especially in Europe FB- groups Patch hyperloc. blogsNext- localdoor papers Every- block And we have two major differentiators in our advantage...
  18. 18.  1 TOR # DIFFE RENTIA local PRODUCER Selected from curating local activists moderating community support contact for businesses revenue sharing
  19. 19. 2 NTIATOR #DIFFERE ECOSYSTEM of local servicesWe open up our servicevia APIs for other digitallocal mutually share userbases and jointly createan active & sustainableecosystem of localservices.
  20. 20. Nearhood’s unique positioning ONE-TO-MANY local papers hyp.loc. blogs Patch UNREFINED JOURNALISTICALLYINFORMATION REFINED CONTENT FB- groups Next- near- door hood SOCIAL, MANY-TO-MANY
  21. 21. Major business potential in local comms170 M€ Total revenue of local printed newspapers in Finland in 2010Ad sales for local newspapers in Finland5–50 € per resident per year
  22. 22. 3 Let’s saywe aim at € per resident per yearin 80 á 10.000 areas residents That already equals 2,4 M€ Just in Finland, in a few biggest cities
  23. 23.  done:  to do:so far with our own for these we will needfinancing & work outside investmentsbasic service further developmentinfrastructure of the servicetechnical prototype a real public launch inrunning in couple of selected areasareas
  24. 24. We have a highly skilled & experienced teamLari Lohikoski Miemo Penttinen❙ Digital experience since mid-1990’s, ❙ 15 years of digital agency background experienced in all aspects of creating has built a skill set ranging from strategic and leading a successful digital thinking to comprehensive design skills consumer business. and excellent technological❙ Founder of leading Finnish online understanding auction (1999-2008) ❙ Most recently worked as Design Director❙ More recently Program Director of at one of the oldest & largest digital Helsinki Digibusiness Cluster agencies in Finland, Frantic (2007-2012) ❙ Worked as design lead in major projects for eg. MTV3, Nokia, Helsingin Sanomat Lari is CEO of the Miemo is responsible of company, and is design of the service and developing the front-end programming technical back-end
  25. 25. Thanks!Check out the demo at:❙ www.sanom.atBe in touch:❙❙❙ BORNLOCAL