Born Local - Making Local Communities Flourish!


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Mission of Born Local is to make local communities flourish. We develop a hyperlocal social media platform called Nearhood and operate online services based on it.

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Born Local - Making Local Communities Flourish!

  1. 1. !" ♥ $ % & ' nearhoodHyperlocal social media for each neighbourhood and village BORNLOCAL BORNLOCAL
  2. 2. Photos: Nearhood is a hyperlocal social media and news aggregator for each neighbourhood and village.
  3. 3. We live in a globalized world. Yes, but...
  4. 4. —Schuman, Michael H. "The Competitiveness of Local Living Economies". Post Carbon Institute 2010 Nearly 
 of the economy is rooted in place “ ” 60% Our daily surroundings still play a major role. In our lives – and in the economy. (€
  5. 5. Our social relations are based on three different factors A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM for the last underserved social factor FAMILIARITY INTEREST LOCATION
  6. 6. Our social relations are based on three different factors A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM for the last underserved social factor FAMILIARITY INTEREST LOCATION Social media platforms serve our needs based on these factors
  7. 7. Our social relations are based on three different factors A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM for the last underserved social factor FAMILIARITY INTEREST LOCATION We want to be the definitive social hyperlocal service, serving all location-based social & informational needs.nearhood Social media platforms serve our needs based on these factors
  8. 8. You’ve found an abandoned bike in your yard: how do you reach out to your neighborhood to check if it belongs to someone nearby? Photo: (cc) owenfinn16
  9. 9. Your hairdressing salon in the local mall is out of bookings for the whole afternoon: how do you send out a message to people nearby that you have half-price special starting now?
  10. 10. City planning, police and other public authorities generate lots of information about local issues – but to keep up with that information flow as residents, we would need to follow dozens of different channels.
  11. 11. But for a local business to reach out to local residents, many are still using old-fashioned print and direct marketing. For companies there’s a huge variety of digital channels in general and ways of segmenting customers based on age, profession, gender, etc.
  12. 12. Oursolution
  13. 13. All locally relevant information in one place. residents associations local
 businesses municipality news 
 sources other
 services nearhood
  14. 14. nearhood
 A hyperlocal social media for each neighbourhood and village.
  15. 15. All kind of social updates from local residents.
  16. 16. Local business directory and realtime marketing messages, including offers and deals.
  17. 17. Numerous open feeds are heuristically processed to find locally relevant news and updates
  18. 18. Local mobile alerts informing residents on local emergenices, lost people and pets, etc. Local alerting system can be used also to deliver realtime mobile marketing.
  19. 19. Available as an online service…
  20. 20. …through mobile app…
  21. 21. …and as a subscribable newsletter delivered weekly via email with all most important news, events & offers from area.
  22. 22. 
 LOCAL CONTENT other online services ) * DIRECTLY TO THE SERVICE , VIA APIS & CUSTOM HEURISTICS +municipality local businesses news sources residents associations CONTENT SOURCES
  23. 23. Businesscase
  24. 24. Marian Salzman CEO, Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, North America ” I’ve come to believe, in fact, that ‘hyperlocal is the new global’ and am now more convinced than ever of the local movement’s momentum online. (…)  ! Going local is also a fantastic way for businesses to show not just consumers but also employees, friends and neighbors that they are invested in the community in which they live.”
  25. 25. ” Combining social and community features from sites such as Reddit and Twitter with open government really has potential.” Alex Ferrara Bessemer Venture Partners
  26. 26. 150M€ Total revenue of local printed newspapers in Finland in 2011 Major business potential in local comms Hyperlocal targeting Daily deals Realtime mobile marketing NOW: LETS THINK: 2.6B£ Estimated total value of UK hyperlocal advertising market
  27. 27. ! Especially Europe is still mostly fairly uncontested
 market for social hyperlocal platforms. Hyperlocal platforms globally Hyperlocal content still largely unorganised, in individual local blogs and Facebook groups – but everyone agrees on huge potential. In USA there are (was) three large hyperlocal platforms:, EveryBlock (RIP) ja Nextdoor - however, none of them have made a real breakthrough.
  28. 28. What makes Nearhood stand out from the rest of the hyperlocal platforms? 1Nearhood functions on a geographic scale of everyday human life: your neighbourhood 2Nearhood is a multifaceted media with multiple content sources – not just “a local Facebook” 3Nearhood generates valuable content with low cost structure
  29. 29. Feedbackfromour testusers: “I’d love to have a service where I could see all the local services in one place. So few small business have their own websites.” “Really useful & exactly what I’ve been looking for!” “Even the smallest news are interesting when they are from my neighborhood” “I think it could replace the local newspapers.” “This is much more clear than FB groups! And contents are much more varied, coming from many places – that’s a big plus.”
  30. 30. FINALIST


! 2013 WINNER

! 2014
  31. 31. MIEMO PENTTINEN Previously DESIGN DIRECTOR at Frantic, one of the LEADING DIGITAL AGENCIES in Finland design + front-end 15 years of digital agency background with major design projects for NOKIA, MTV, HELSINGIN SANOMAT, … LARI LOHIKOSKI FOUNDER of leading Finnish online auction HUUTO.NET, one of the BEST KNOWN ONLINE CONSUMER BRANDS CEO + tech Digital experience since mid-1990’s +2 
 developers +1 
 sales director COMING UP H1/2014 We have a highly skilled & experienced team
  32. 32. See it live at ! Be in touch: ❙ ❙ ❙ BORNLOCAL @laril @miemo @born_local