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Cover page 1

  1. 1. Cover page The Header: The header in this section is the “Win! Tickets to the X Factor” this is interesting as it is advertising the competition to win tickets for the x factor The Main Image: The main image on this magazine is the Jonas brothers. It is an affective main image as they have many supporters so they will get the magazine a lot of views. The image is centred and positions down the middle of the page. This is good as it is the first thing the audience look at. The main sell line: The main sell line in this Magazine cover, this anchors the main image of the page and gives detail to the image so people know who the artists are. It is also big and bold which attracts the audiences attention, also the fact that it is in the middle and layered on top of everything represents its importance. The Masthead: The masthead “Top of the pops” stands out very well as it is in a unique font compared to other text in the page. It is coloured a pinkie purple to suggest that this is the stereotypical colour of Pop and pop culture. The masthead is quiet big so it definitely represents the magazine well and positively. Barcode, date/issue and price: They are positioned towards the bottom of the page as they are less important, but they are still essential components of a successful magazine cover The footer: The footer at the bottom of the page just says what other things people can expect to see in the magazine, it has a consistent house style and the word “plus” suggests there's going to be a lot more inside.
  2. 2. Cover Page Masthead: The masthead here is “KERRANG”, this is positioned at the top of the page where it attracts the more attention also it is fairly big. The word kerrang is good use of an onomatopoeia as it suggests a rebellious rock genre and sounds of instruments such as a guitar or drums. The header: The header contains the bands that will appear in the magazine on a specific date. They relate to the target audience which is good as this is a rock magazine. The main image: The main image is probably the main concept of the magazine cover mainly due to how big it is, this makes it more dominate compared to other content on the page. It is aligned on the right with text only on the left hand side, this makes it more unique and more eye catching. The character is the lead singer of the Foo fighter in a mid shot. He is standing in a pose with a serious face expression which suggest to that rock viewers are rebellious and serious like him, the background makes it look like his life is filled with luxuries because of the are he is in, which is nice and peaceful, calm and potentially hot. Bar code, issue number/date and price: Main sell line: The main sell line is positioned in the middle of the page where people are going to look first, it has a big and bold font to represent its importance, further on that it is layered so its in front of the main image which means people’s eyes will be drawn straight to the text. The shadow on the text makes It look more attractive too. The “UK tour exclusive” is covered in a background to make it more effective and stand out to the other flash lines in the magazine. Footer: The footer consists of the other bands that will be included in the magazine, the uses of the “+” makes it look like there is a lot of content. The font size is small but because of the big, bold yellow attractive “plus” it clearly stands out. These are the main features of a magazine and are there to give extra information on the magazine, such as the issue date, it is positioned at the bottom of the page to get it out the way as it is not very important
  3. 3. Cover page The Header: The header stands out in at the top of the page because of the well known “BBC” company. It includes other information and suggest that there is a lot more up to date information in the magazine when the audience reads “latest news and features” all the text in the header is capitalized to suggest importance. The masthead: The masthead has some very clever features to attract the audience, it is large and coloured red which in this case stands out a lot as the background is white. It has a very unique font. And an italic “U”. the letter “U” and “S” are partially covered, but because the magazine name is cleverly name to a well recognized word “music” it is easily read. The main image: The main image is of a women standing with a violin in her hand, she is positioned in the centre of the page and covers the majority of the page, this makes it so peoples eye are drawn to the middle of the page. The picture is very clever as even if you have not previously read this magazine you can tell that this is a music magazine, this is due to her holding the violin in her hand. She is dressed quite formal to suggest that the target audience for this magazine is the older audience as suggested by the text and image which doesn’t reflect a lot of ‘youth’. A Lure: There is al lure on the corner of the page, identified in a clear attractive border. This is luring you to buy the magazine as it says it gives you a free magazine, when you really have to pay for the magazine to get it.
  4. 4. Contents page Copy and theme colour: The text in the contents page is all capitalised and in a quite small font, this is effective as it gets a lot of information covered in the space given. It has a unique and attractive colour scheme to the background and font colour. The first section has black font and a white background, this is a nice effect as white and black are opposite colours so it stands out, in the second section the background is black and the font is white, this is also the same effect and looks good. The overall mood it creates is a formal magazine as the colours are very rich and plain and they don’t have very colourful colours such as bright pink or yellow Main Image: The main image has been chosen smartly to convey the sense of uniqueness and formality of the magazine. They have dressed her in pure black with black props, even the background is quite dark and not very lively, this represents the formality well. Also it also matches with the black theme colour of the background sections, so this makes it look consistent. Overall the main image is appealing and makes the reader want to read on to find more about the celebrity. banner: The banner with ‘contents’ is clearly visible at the top of the page in its consistent font and background colour. It is simple but informs the reader what section they are viewing, the “Q” is in a unique font and all the audience know straight away what the music magazine is just by one letter . Review Section: The review section is clearly split into its own section with the same consistent house style. It has a medium shot of the ban to show what band it is, it also has the name and what page it is on to read more about it.
  5. 5. Contents page Banner: The banner at the top looks very professional, it stays true to the theme of red on the page, it has a border round the ‘contents’ and is capitalised so it stand out a lot. Also it has a neat line following the top of the border for more professionalism. Copy/Titles: The copy around the contents page is in a unique red font to indicate the titles, and a smaller black font for extra information, the banner at the top ‘classic fm’ reminds the magazine name and just runs half the page, this introduces sections into the magazine to make it look more professional. the text stands out as it has a white background which matches the theme of the magazine Lure: The contents page is designed cleverly as it contains two different lures, each with different approaches to attract the reader onto reading more. The first lure is convincing the reader to pay a monthly subscription to save money, this sounds and looks appealing so the costumer ends up paying every month to save on the overall price. The second lure is making the buyer purchase the magazine in order to get the ‘free’ CDs whereas its not really free as you have to pay for the magazine, it is portrayed attractively as it has a clear banner style which stands out due to its shape and colours, the text ‘Free CDs’ is also written bigger and in a separate more appealing font, these all contribute to making a professional and tempting magazine contents page. Images: There are six images in total on this page, they are all split into their own section and take up 50% of the page so they stand out, this is clever as the audience don’t get bored with a massive pile of text to read. The images are all equally sized for consistency. All images also come with an image credit. The images are all included with a title to give further information of what the image is or where its set.
  6. 6. Contents Page Banner/Issue number : The banner is positioned at the top of the page in a black background with two red lines going through the top, this is the unique part of the theme of the magazine. It contains the text ‘contents’ to indicate what the page is and the issue number with the date of the issue to give the information to the reader, this is good for hard-core magazine readers as they can easily pull up different magazines by looking at their issue number. The banner style is also repeated in the banner further down labelled ‘this week’ this is describing what's included in this weeks issue and is mainly a sub heading. These are both capitalised for a nice effect. Letter from editor: This section is split up for the letter from the editor of the magazine, this is very clever as it show the audience a personal paragraph from the editor of the magazine. It contain a small appropriately sized picture of him self and is signed at the bottom. The body has a basic font with black colour, it is sized quite small to make room for the main picture and, and also to stay a consistent size to the images on the right of it. Images: The images are positioned at the top of the page and represent rule of thirds. They are all sized equally and have a brief information on the picture. The copy on the image is slanted, this makes it stand out. The main images takes a lot more room on the page which represents its importance, the person is getting a lot more attention now as they are probably going to be the main topic of this weeks issue. The image is also annotated very interestingly as it has the page number and title on top of the background image, but the audience still know it’s linked to the main image, this is a professional effect. Text style: The text style on the right is split into a straight section and all the letters are capitalised. The titles are slightly bigger and the writing inside the sections are coloured black instead of red so it is easily distinguished. Footer: The footer at the bottom contains information on the subscription and is clearly spotted due to its unique colours and the three images layered behind each other on the left hand side, brief information is given below in white font.
  7. 7. Double page spread Headline: This headline ‘the look of love’ is positioned cleverly as it is on the right hand side, this makes use also pay attention to the massive image even though it is read from left to right. This makes the audience snap back and fourth to read the title on the right then the main body on the left. The use of blue font colour and bold writing stands out extremely well as the main image and the two other images are all black and white with black font colour too. Beneath the header is a brief paragraph which is also a lot bigger then the main body, this represents that it is important and it is mainly what the two pages are about. So this relates to the main image that is next to it, this way the reader is not left clueless of what is going on. Images: The images contain the main big image on the right of the page, this takes 75% of the page which is interesting. There is also four other pictures, these have been edited to make it look slanted and layered, this looks appealing, one of the pictures is coloured to show that this picture is important, this makes its stand out in the page. Compare to other Copy: The main body of the magazine page is solid (has no spacing) this makes it look compact and important. However it is still not boring as it is only 25% of the content of the page. There is also another section of text slightly bigger at the top, giving more information about the pictures.
  8. 8. Double page spread Headline: The headline is clearly noticeable as it is capitalised and positioned at the top of where the body starts. It is in a very simple font but still gets its power across due to its size compared to the body. Drop Cap: There is a drop cap on the start of the text, this creates the sense of professionalism and formality as it looks rich and powerful. Illustration: The images are positioned so that they cover the top of the page but go all the way across, this is an appealing way to catch the attention of peoples eyes, they are all black and white which adds to the plain formality of the magazine, this makes it very consistent. Most of the pictures also have brief information. Copy/sections The copy of this double page spread is 50% of the page and covers a lot of information due to its small size and basic font. It is positioned so it is going across instead of down but still covers half the page, the sectioning makes this page unique. There is also a section of advertisement at the bottom right section of the page. Standfirst: The standfirst is giving brief information on what the main body of the double page spread is about
  9. 9. Double page spread Headline/banners The headline of this double page spread is very lively and colourfully, it contains pictures down the left and uses fonts that are joyful, this is representing its genre of pop well, it also uses bubble writing for further effect. It also becomes a sort of logo due to it being in form of a single image. It is also followed by a thick banner to the rest of the two pages which I include information about the celebrity which is all over the page, this distinguishes the female celebrity easily. Illustrations: The three pictures of the celebrity Kelly Clarkson are scattered across the page with a main big one cantered in the middle, she is smiling in all of her pictures which suggests the happiness of the magazine house style. She takes up a lot of the page so she is easily spotted. There are also pictures of props in the two pages, they are Christmas decorations which bring the festive mood to the readers as they are scattered across the page. They are also containing text in them, this is a nice way of splitting the text so this way it definitely gets read, this brings out the priority between the text. Copy/Colour/body sections/ Paragraphing/footer: In this double page spread there is a lot of text and information that needs to be covered, so therefore it is split up into sections so its not as boring. All paragraphs are started with a crosshead which is in yellow and has a number next to it. The colour of the text is plain black so it stands out on the lime green background, the colours all suggest a happy mood which is represented as the music genre Pop. There is also a footer at the bottom right and bottom left of the page in small writing, there is two to remind the readers that it is still two different pages, but the culture of the pages makes it look as though it is one big page, this is mainly as the images have not been split up down the middle. Border: There is a clear slanted white border down across the bottom of the page, this goes across both pages to make it look like one big page.