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Concurrent engineering TOYOTA


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Published in: Technology
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Concurrent engineering TOYOTA

  1. 1. Concurrent EngineeringM11000 Borja Santacruz Fabregues
  2. 2. Traditional Point-Based Aproches to ProductManufactoringChassisBodyMarketingStylingDesing SolutionAnalyce &Critique•Marketing•Body•Chassis•ManufactoringModify
  3. 3. TOYOTA MethologyFinal DesignMarketingManufactoringEngineeringDesignEngineeringSet-Based Concurrent Engineering
  4. 4. Principle 1 - Map the design spaceDefine feasible regionsExplore trade-offs by designing multiple alternativesCommunicate sets of possibilities
  5. 5. Principle 2 - Integrate by intersectionLook for intersections of feasibility setsImpose minimum constraintsSeek conceptual robustness
  6. 6. Principle 3 - Establish feasibility before commitmentNarrow sets gradually while increasing detailStay within sets once committedControl by managing uncertainty at process gates
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