Architecture in Ancient Civilizations


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Architecture in Ancient Civilizations

  2. 2. Ancient Mesopotamia  Back in Mesopotamia, the was no architectural profession but scribes were hired to plan and create blue prints for the government.The Mesopotamian people thought that crafting building was a gift taught by gods to rare humans.They were masters of building mud brick houses.
  3. 3. Ancient Mesopotamia.  The ancient Mesopotamians created the arch and column and were used to creating the dome.They always used the brick made of mud as there main material especially in southern areas as wood was small stock and stone didn’t exist.
  4. 4. Ancient Egypt  The Egyptians Made great monuments like the pyramids of Giza were Since there was scarcely any wood in ancient Egypt the Egyptians used mud bricks and stone as there basic building materials Lime stone mostly but granite and sand stone was used in large quantities.They got mud from the Nile and then dried it in the sun and put it together to make houses.
  5. 5. Ancient Egypt  The Egyptians carved Heiroglyphs and placed 3d carvings in there temples. People still wonder how they created these pyramids and temples without modern tools with such perfection
  6. 6. Ancient Greece  Ancient Greece was ruled by religion so all temples were engraved with art and were very beautiful. Greek Architects produced 3 orders, the Doric, Ionic, and the Corinthian.The Doric was sturdy and had no design, the Ionic had a scroll-like design at the top and was more thinner, and the Corinthian was most decorated and had leaf-like design. Doric Ionic Corinthian
  7. 7. Ancient Greece  Greece produced structures that are very strong and still stand today.They mostly made temples with lots of pillars on the sides. Greeks built their temples on high ground so that the temples can be viewed from different angles. Most structures were made of Marble but still used wood for smaller houses.
  8. 8. Modern Canada  The Architecture of houses in Canada was adapted to the climate and geography. Lumber is one of the most used materials but in the prairies and north it is short supply, so transportation costs are high.
  9. 9. Modern Canada  Most buildings in Canada are able to withstand natural disasters.They need to survive freezing and thawing , which can move houses of the foundations. Houses also need to survive heavy snow fall which collapses buildings and heavy rainfall which causes flood so hoses need to be water proof.
  10. 10. Aztec Empire  The Aztecs took glory in what they built and instead of destroying a previous building they built on top of it. Some had 4-5 layers. Aztecs valued craftsmanship highly. Aztecs built pyramids like mountains so the rain would not hit their buildings.The aztecs main purpose of the buildings was to honour the gods.
  11. 11. Aztec Empire  Aztecs used stones chisels and blades to create their work. Aztecs used soft volcanic stone called tezontile for there foundations since the soil usually sank. Aztecs used oak and pine for doors and beams.
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