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www.ac1on-­‐                       Industrial	  Customer	  Presenta1onTuesday, July 24, 12
Our	  Company                       Ac1on	  Metals	  guarantees	  one	  on	  one	  customer	  service	  along	  with	  the...
Our	  Services              Our	  company	  offers	  free	  container	  service…                       •      20,	  30	  &	...
The	  Process                                                   “Pickup	  Form”              Whenever	  a	  load	  of	  sc...
The	  Process                                                    “Scale	  Ticket”              Every	  load	  that	  passe...
The	  Process                                              “Itemized	  Invoice”                  	  	  	  	  	  AQer	  all...
Pricing	  Structure         Our	  company	  guarantees	  the	  highest,	  most	  compe11ve	  prices	  in	  the	  DFW	  are...
The	  Process                                      Scheduling	  a	  Pickup              Pickups	  can	  be	  scheduled	  b...
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Action Metals Customer Presentation


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A short slideshow

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Action Metals Customer Presentation

  1. 1. www.ac1on-­‐ Industrial  Customer  Presenta1onTuesday, July 24, 12
  2. 2. Our  Company Ac1on  Metals  guarantees  one  on  one  customer  service  along  with  the  best prices  in  the  DFW  area;  two  things  which  have  set  our  company  apart  from other  recyclers  in  the  area.  Our  staff  is  willing  to  design  a  recycling  program tailored  to  your  company’s  needs,  accompanied  by  our  impeccable container  service.  We  service  all  industries  that  generate  scrap  metal including  but  not  limited  to  auto  salvage,  communica1on,  demoli1on, electrical,  electronic  recyclers,  HVAC,  plumbing,  machine  shops  and  metal fabricators.Tuesday, July 24, 12
  3. 3. Our  Services Our  company  offers  free  container  service… • 20,  30  &  40  yard  roll-­‐off  containers • ForkliQ  assessable  containers  &  hoppers • Boxes  &  pallets • Barrels • End  dump,  flatbed  &  van  trailers  available   ***Guaranteed  pickup  within  24  hoursTuesday, July 24, 12
  4. 4. The  Process “Pickup  Form” Whenever  a  load  of  scrap  metal  is  picked  up  or  any  equipment  (i.e  roll-­‐offs,  forkliQ containers)  are  dropped  off  at  a  customers  facility,  our  drivers  will  fill  out  &  hand  the customer  a  pickup  slip  documen1ng  the  delivery.Tuesday, July 24, 12
  5. 5. The  Process “Scale  Ticket” Every  load  that  passes  through  our  scales  is  printed  on  a  carbon  copy  1cket,  leaving  one for  our  office  &  one  for  the  customers  records.  AQer  each  load  is  dumped,  it  is  carefully graded  by  our  yard  staff.Tuesday, July 24, 12
  6. 6. The  Process “Itemized  Invoice”          AQer  all  materials  have  been  picked  up,  graded  &  sorted,  our  office  staff  will   put  together  an  invoice  detailed  by  materials  sold,  pickup  number  and   equipment  used.  Payments  can  either  mailed  by  check  or  delivered  in  cash.Tuesday, July 24, 12
  7. 7. Pricing  Structure Our  company  guarantees  the  highest,  most  compe11ve  prices  in  the  DFW  area. Customers  pricing  is  based  on  the  type  of  scrap  metal  they  are  selling… • Ferrous  prices  are  set  MONTHLY • Steel  (1n  &  iron) • Non-­‐Ferrous  prices  are  set  DAILY • Aluminum,  brass,  copper,  stainless  steelTuesday, July 24, 12
  8. 8. The  Process Scheduling  a  Pickup Pickups  can  be  scheduled  by  simply  calling  our  office  or  personally  calling/e-­‐mailing... Boris  Grinstein Office:  214-­‐421-­‐9981 Mobile:  214-­‐649-­‐3645 E-­‐mail:  boris@ac1on-­‐metals.comTuesday, July 24, 12