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Boris Goldstein: Definition of Exit Strategy


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Published in: Business
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Boris Goldstein: Definition of Exit Strategy

  1. 1. Definition of Exit Strategy Boris Goldstein
  2. 2. Boris Goldstein: Definition of ExitStrategyBoris Goldstein serves as Managing Director of Pacific Venture Fund,which has advised clients on more than $1 billion in M&A, IPO, andother financial transactions since 1999. In doing so, the firm helpsclients create value and establish optimal exit strategies.
  3. 3. Boris Goldstein: Definition of ExitStrategyIf you are well versed in the world of investments, you may alreadyknow about exit strategies. For those who are less familiar with theindustry, the term may not be so clear. An exit strategy is the planimplemented by business owners or venture capitalists that allowsthem to get out of an investment at the ideal time for reaping thegreatest financial benefit.
  4. 4. Boris Goldstein: Definition of ExitStrategyDifferent exit strategies exist, depending on the goals of the investor.Those who plan to be involved in a company for a long time maydecide to keep the investment as long as it is profitable and thenliquidate everything if profit declines. Short-term exit strategiesinclude going public, merging, and selling.