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Nokia Test


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Scrum Teams needs to focus on these simple key factors to have successful Scrum.

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Nokia Test

  1. 1. Scrum or Not Scrum - That is the Question Nokia Test - The Questions presented by bor!s gloger
  2. 2. NOKIA - TEST 1. Do they deliver working software at the end of each Sprint (less than 4 weeks) that is tested at the feature level.
  3. 3. NOKIA - TEST 2. Do they do just enough specficiation before starting a Sprint and is their Product Backlog ready?
  4. 4. NOKIA - TEST 3. Do they have a Product Owner. A Product Backlog? Is it estimated by the team?
  5. 5. NOKIA - TEST 4. Does the team have a burndown chart and does the team know their velocity?
  6. 6. NOKIA - TEST 5. Is their team free from disruption during the Sprint?
  7. 7. bor!s gloger