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Presentation evernote

  1. 1. EDU5650: Learning through Reflection 2 Design and Evaluation
  2. 2. See video
  3. 3.  Notes E-Mails Pictures Clip web pages or parts of web pages(it keeps the source URL with the note) Audio recording Scan paper notes, images and more!! Text Recognition(Use phone camera phone or web cam to take asnapshot and Evernote can even recognize the text in the image) Upload attachments to your notes & modify attachments inEvernote)
  4. 4.  The desktop software Mobile AppSync to the Evernote web server!
  5. 5.  Evernote stores notes in Evernote uses Automatic attached to notes Use Attributes such as File creation date, To-Do lists, attachment type, URL etc.. Use Tags Search Engine Mechanism Saved Search
  6. 6. See video See video See video
  7. 7. Free Version Premium Version100,000 notes 100,000 notesfile size of 25MB maximum file size of 50MB60MB upload allowance per month 1024 MB upload allowanceOffers some sharing options Offers greater sharing optionsAccess to note historyPDF searchingFaster image recognition$5.00 per month or $45.00 per year(group discounts and educationaccounts for schools)
  8. 8. “Evernote is a valuable application for educators.Its usefulness can range from planning a course to delivering alesson plan to capturing feedback after class.”Lesson plans and resources can betagged according to classes and delivery periodCreate a standard assessment criteria listtagged according to subject and classes and can even share themwith other teachers, school administrators, parents and thestudents.
  9. 9. Grade sheets or student assessmentforms at your fingertips throughout the year.share a notebook with key notes with the classand parents and let them view anything you add to your notes.share a notebook with students such asworksheets, whiteboard photos and other related material for theabsent students. Students can follow from home & avoid missing HW’sKeep all your notes, resources,lessons and new ideas from teacher in-services, conferences,workshops and seminars that you attend.
  10. 10. Sample Class Database
  11. 11. Make a list of “To-Do items”Snap a picture of yourH.W. Or writing it directly on a note.Develop journal entries in one notebookkeeping track ofbibliographical note cards, by clipping all of your articles to aresearch notebookSnap a picture of a book cover & tag it as “bookswish list”
  12. 12. Ideal for foreign language class, preparing fora speech, class lectures, recording yourself reading to improvefluency, musical pieces for band, lines for dramaShare a notebook so that all members canaccess and contribute to the project (clip articles, work on drafts,add media, and collaborate easily).…Subscribe to for updates notification!!Create a personal notebook forpermission slips, registration forms, field trip itineraries, fund raiserinformation, report cards, etc…ideal to label the parts of an item like amicroscope, a dissection, an instrument, places on a map, stagedirections for a play, information written on the board
  13. 13.  Initially, students (8-11yrs) create paper portfolios. Kept a binder to put their best work or compare twopieces that showed growth. Problem: Take so much room in the class The work would never be exposed …only occasionally! Better Solution?? … digital form…“Evernote was free, had an app forvirtually every device, and we could get startedright away”Rob Van NoodPrimary Teacher in
  14. 14. 1. Setting up demos with the students…2. Create a set of guidelines for the studentsof how to use Evernote…3. Discussed TAGGING…4. Created Accounts5. Input their work into Evernote…through a scanner/mob/ IPads etc…
  15. 15.  Great ideas are saved to Evernote to show progress over thecourse of the school year.…“when a student comes up with an interesting strategy on awhiteboard, I have them write down their name next to it and take apicture of it, or record them explaining what they came up with” Projects are recorded, photographed or video shot and clipped toEvernote together with the students’ personal reflectivecomment Extracurricular work, having a sense of achievement, is recorded! Students’ notes (portfolios) were shared, available for theparents to progress their kids’ educational growth…“The students actually taught the parents how to useEvernote at our conference by familiarizing them with theirportfolios”
  16. 16.  Teachers/Students can use their owntechnology No financial burden!! Redesigning course material andteaching pedagogy is not a necessity! Internet Access WIFI strength Educational PoliciesTech in schools???School Protocols??? Culture Change ...parents issues! Digital Divide ...shall this limit the use of Evernote? May not be adequate in class of 25 students!