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Assignemnt part 1

  1. 1. EDU5650: Cyber EthicsJosmar Borg
  2. 2. IntroductionEDU5650: Cyber Ethics
  3. 3. Cyber Ethics TALKS!EDU5650: Cyber EthicsAre these Cyber Ethics, CyberBullying & Cyber Security talksEFFECTIVE??
  4. 4. Cyber ETHICS survey!! 86% ...copying text from sites is OK!!“l-informazzjoni hija online biex tuzha, mhuxhekk??” 92% ...copying & sharing games is OK!“imma jien mhux qed inbieghhom sir, mhuxnixxerjaw bejnietna!”74% ... downloading films and music fromtorrents is OK... “jekk ma ghandiex flus biex nixtri l-films, allura manarahomx sir??”... “mhux ghalhekk jeziztu t-torrentz!!”EDU5650: Cyber Ethics27Students(12yrs–15yrs)duringComputerClub
  5. 5. Cyber ETHICS survey!!17% ...don’t bother to chat with ‘strangers’83% are aware that chatting is not safe especiallywith „new‟ people100% ...think of being alone while online“mhux kemm inhassar il-History u qisu qatt makien xejn”96% ...aware that cyber bullying is bad!! 2 FaceBook cases @school(form 1 & form 4EDU5650: Cyber Ethics
  6. 6. my CLASSROOM & CYBER ETHICSEDU5650: Cyber Ethics Show students an exemplary work (with proper citations and references) Instruct the students to search for the info from multiple websites andinclude the URL of the websites they have used To learn that information presented online may not be adequate andcorrect Students should be prepared to present their work (two students arechosen at random )To ensure that students understand their own research... Copied work (if not referenced) will be neglected and marks are not givenas part of the assessment Aiming to avoid plagiarism as much as possibleResearch Work H.W. Copy and paste info on a Word Document (a number of links are provided) C.W.  Use the info offline to develop their work
  7. 7. my CLASSROOM & CYBER ETHICSEDU5650: Cyber Ethics Students are encouraged to use audio and video clips in theirPowerPoint presentations so as to minimize chunk paragraphs inthe slides Promote the use of multimedia resources WHILE ENFORCING THEPRACTICE OF CREDITING THE SOURCES ... include the link of the videos as captions underneath the video frames ... dedicate a last page to credit further resources such as songsPresentational Work
  8. 8. my CLASSROOM & CYBER ETHICSEDU5650: Cyber Ethics Students use Google Docs to carry out group work tasks (having 3 member pergroup)...such as Robotics Project, Multimedia Project, ICT projects includingPresentations or Glogster (most often in collaboration with other teachers – crosscurriculum) Give students different roles (Leader, Tech-Friendly, Resourcer) The LEADER should delegate the work and establish contact time for themembers to meet online and develop the work ‘RESOURCER’ finds pictures, videos and other relevant material for the project ‘TECH-FRIENDLY’ oversees cyber ethical issues, especially Netiquette (whilestudents are working online) & plagiarism.Online Group Work
  9. 9. my CLASSROOM & CYBER ETHICSEDU5650: Cyber Ethics What about if students do not have the necessary software??Discourage the trend of students sharing software amongthemselves The use of Open Office (freeware) instead of M.S. Office The use of PREZI as an alternative to M.S. PowerPoint The use of ONLINE Photo Editing tools instead of Photoshop The use of FREE Video and Audio editing tools rather than downloaded onesSoftware??
  10. 10. my CLASSROOM & CYBER ETHICSEDU5650: Cyber Ethics Involve students inconstructiveactivities. Develop ten rules for aclassroom acceptableuse policy. Discuss these rules andfinally establish awritten acceptable usepolicy, including theconsequences forviolating it. Students should createa Glogster about CyberEthics to be includedinto the classroomWebsite.…incorporating CYBER ETHICS into the classroom CULTURE!
  11. 11. my CLASSROOM & CYBER ETHICSEDU5650: Cyber Ethics…incorporating CYBER ETHICS into the classroom CULTURE! Reinforce proper behavior. Treat offenses as MISTAKES rather thanCRIMES, especially in the beginning. Dont model inappropriate behavior. Teachers should keep persistent with the rules andactively monitor bad practices Instill a sense of responsibility Point out the consequences of misusing technology Express a belief in students ability to handle technologyproperly
  12. 12. my CLASSROOM & CYBER ETHICSEDU5650: Cyber Ethics…as part of the syllabus ICT Syllabus Phishing, Anti Virus, Firewall etc… Computing Syllabus Data Protection Act, Software licenses, SoftwareSecurity measures etc…
  13. 13. my SCHOOL & CYBER ETHICSEDU5650: Cyber Ethics Posters around school corridors ...using a +VEATTITUDE
  14. 14. my SCHOOL & CYBER ETHICSEDU5650: Cyber Ethics Posters around school corridors ...using a +VEATTITUDE
  15. 15. BibliographyEDU5650: Cyber Ethics DREYFUS, H. L. (2002). Anonymity versus Commitment: thedangers of education on the Internet. Educational Philosophy andTheory , 4(34), 369-378. Education World STAY SAFE ONLINE Stop | Think | Connect Tech&Learning WHITTIER, D. (2007). Cyberethics in the Googling Age. Journal ofEducation , 2 (187), 78-79.