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Timing and Appropriateness- The Basics of Corporate Awards - Promotional Gifts


Published on - Timing and Appropriateness- The Basics of Corporate Awards - Promotional Gifts. corporate gifts, promotional corporate gift

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Timing and Appropriateness- The Basics of Corporate Awards - Promotional Gifts

  1. 1. Timing and Appropriateness- TheBasics of Corporate Awards and Gifts
  2. 2. Corporate award and gifts are great for mostly everything, including the marketing of your company. It is also good for maintaining working relationships among people in yourbusinesses while keeping the expenses relatively smaller than acquiring new allies.
  3. 3. This does not imply though that your corporate award and gifts must be limited only to people you haveestablished relationship with. As wehave already said, it can also be used to promote your company to other customers or to new clients.
  4. 4. Selecting personal gifts are difficult enough. And despite of this hurdle, this still not enough to warrant that your gift will be appreciated the wayyou expected it to be. Thus, it is often hard to brainstorm on what you cangive while maximizing the budget you have set for it.
  5. 5. Nevertheless, one thought should always be kept in mind- a corporate gift, more specifically an award, is ameasure of your appreciation to your valued employees, workers, clients, customers and those people whoparticipate in your companys growth.
  6. 6. On the other hand, corporate awardsand gifts can also be used as a sourceof motivation for increasing the sales via giving rewards to your top performers and business teams and units after meeting and exceedingtheir pre-set goals. This way, it works pretty much like an incentive for a work well done.
  7. 7. Whether you choose to give corporate gifts and awards to your employeesand workers or to your clients, you still must observe specific gift etiquettes. Central to this is the timing and appropriateness of giving the gifts.
  8. 8. The Appropriateness of Recipients
  9. 9. To whom will you give the corporate gift? Is it to the boss, to company owner, to a typical workman or anofficemate? Each workplace hierarchy should be given varying levels ofcredit. Its good if everyone is treated equally in a working place regardless of their position.
  10. 10. But the truth is, we give much credit tohigher standing colleagues than those with lower positions. On the other hand, close friends in the working place are also given much credit than ordinary, day-to-day coworkers.
  11. 11. Economically-wise, you must also takeinto thought how much you are willing to spend for an award or gift through maximizing the budget and giving enough justifications on the relationship you have with the receiver. You would not give a $50 corporate award and gift to a million- dollar investor, would you?
  12. 12. All companies have varying policiesregarding corporate awards and gifts. It is best to check on this first before attempting to send something outunless it is a personal gift from you to a friend in unit.
  13. 13. The Timing
  14. 14. Occasions must also be taken into consideration when sending a corporate award or gift. This is much like thinking of what to give for a birthday celebrant or an anniversary party. There are again, variousconsiderations that you must mull over to fit your gift into the occasion.
  15. 15. Corporate award and gifts for the commemoration of specific majorevents- These include major holidays,company anniversary, birthdays of the company figures, or simply a specialevent in the companys life such as the founding and great achievements of sorts.
  16. 16. Corporate award and gifts forcompany social events- Whatever your companys choice of event is, there certainly are some gifts that would matched the stuff. Say, golf corporate baskets, awarding of tickets and special treats to specific gatherings, get away surprises and others.
  17. 17. Celebration of specific events- These include maternity celebration,retirement, long services leave, staffbirthdays, team building events, an a lot more others.
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