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Recruiting on Facebook. Is it Possible? - Social Media


Published on - Recruiting on Facebook. Is it Possible? - Social Media, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Marketing

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Recruiting on Facebook. Is it Possible? - Social Media

  1. 1. Recruiting on Facebook: Is It Possible?
  2. 2. Over the last few years we’ve noticeda steady rise in the use of Facebook as a recruitment platform. Everywhereyou look, businesses are turning their fan pages into job boards when the need arises. But there are more advantages to Facebook employee hunting than you think. Can you use Facebook to find your next ideal employee? Experts say – yes!
  3. 3. Facebook Fan Page Boards
  4. 4. It makes sense that if you’re looking for a new employee that lives in yourarea, the most ideal place to find them would be on Facebook. But how do you go about doing this? Businesses are finding new and exciting ways totap their local jobs markets every day.
  5. 5. If you want something simple – a simple update announcing your newposition would be sufficient. Just make sure that you include a link to the fullspec on your business website. Include an image so that you get more views.
  6. 6. For something a little more direct, a posting in your ‘notes’ or ‘discussion’ area would be great, and you can include the full job listing there. Also include a prompt for friends, family and fans to share this post with their networks, to widen the search.Remember to check in on that page to answer any questions and givedirections as to how they should send in their resume and details.
  7. 7. Facebook Job Application
  8. 8. Increasingly there are companies thatare having job applications created for their Facebook fan pages. These appsallow the user to upload their resumes directly on the fan page.
  9. 9. They are great for enticing prospects, and easier to promote in a Facebookadvertising campaign. When you get a job app created, you can constantlyadd whatever positions are available at your company, for a once off development fee.
  10. 10. Using The Facebook Network
  11. 11. There are also many local job sites that have crossed over to Facebook. If you have a niche specific job, do a searchin your Facebook search bar for pages and groups that attract qualified applicants. Post your job description and link directly to these pages, or contact the admin about positing on their website, and then using their Facebook network to promote your job post.
  12. 12. Facebook Marketplace
  13. 13. Use the Facebook marketplace to source great applicants for your new position. There is a ‘jobs’ section thatmillions of people search daily. All youhave to do is click on ‘post a job’ add in your details, and publish. The Facebook jobs plugin allows you tooptimize your search so that you’ll get more hits. Keyword your title, category, location and description for the best results possible.
  14. 14. These recruitment techniques areused by businesses all over the world. If you want to make sure that you are casting a wide net for your employeesearch, Facebook is a great platform to use. This is especially true if you take advantage of the Facebook promotional tools, like invite friends and their advertising network.
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