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How Richard Branson Uses Social Media to Build Brand


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How Richard Branson Uses Social Media to Build Brand

  1. 1. How Richard Branson Uses Social Media To Build His Brand
  2. 2. There’s no denying it – RichardBranson is a business genius. He’s alsoone of the most social businessmen on sites like Facebook and Twitter today. Virgin is world renowned for beingcutting edge, cool and trendy, and he’s continued this brand message with vibrant social sharing on the internet. What can you learn from Richard Branson? Let’s find out!
  3. 3. Why Does He Use Social Media?
  4. 4. Many may argue that a brand likeVirgin simply doesn’t need any sort ofsocial exposure, it’s already huge and successful. The thing is – Richard understands how important social sharing is going to be in the coming years.
  5. 5. He uses it as a platform to share his experiences while globetrotting, especially when it comes to causes that are close to his heart.Philanthropy, as his social interaction has proved, is part of his daily life.
  6. 6. Richard’s Social Profile
  7. 7. The Virgin brand is about helpingpeople, and this is really highlighted in the updates Richard shares with hisfans on Facebook. With over 159 000 fans, he keeps people informed on how the Virgin brand is working towards a better global future. Butmore than that, he gives fans a chance to interact with him, share in his experiences and further promote his brand across multiple networks.
  8. 8. Richard has established a business presence by taking advantage of acomplete social profile. His blog is thecornerstone of his experiences, which he shares with the world. These are promoted on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, and often include fresh videos from his Youtube channel. These are in turn bookmarked andshared by millions of fans all over the world.
  9. 9. He is one of the only business leaderstoday that are taking full advantage of social sharing. Putting a voice to theface, name and legacy has helped himmove his business forward. Best of all – he updates all of these social sites personally. This man uses social technology to spread a particular message: how other companies canuse business as a force for good in the world.
  10. 10. From a marketing perspective, this makes Virgin the #1 brand on the internet, as Richard lives the life hesays he does through social proof. No traditional media outlet could have done this for him.
  11. 11. What Can I Learn From Richard Branson?
  12. 12. Everything. If you’re a busy business owner – think about how busy Mr. Branson must be on a daily basis. Hehas over 200 companies to run! Yet he still finds time to share with his fans. It’s a powerful lesson, and one that reaffirms the importance of unitingyour business with its customer base.
  13. 13. As a result Virgin is more likeable, friendly and approachable, which translates into more clients, more money and an incredible internationalreputation. If you can structure a social profile like Richard Branson’s, and share often with your fans – you too will discover the power of social marketing. It has real world rewards!
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