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Camp Adair


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A recount about our hike at Camp Adair

Published in: Education, Sports
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Camp Adair

  1. 1. Killer Hill
  2. 2. I was lying on my cold hard bed at camp Adair helplessly trying to fall asleep it was nearly morning so we would have to get up soon I was on year 8 camp. We woke to the sound of rain; it was only slightly raining so we still had to get out of bed. I left my nice warm bed and got ready for the day. We were going for a 6hr hike. Once I was ready I waited for my friends and we made our way over to the dining hall where every one was chattering loudly. We sat down and waited until we were allowed to get breakfast.
  3. 3. After breakfast the rain was only spitting so the hike was still on. First we had to do our jobs. After that we went and made our lunch. Then we were all ready to go on our hike but our instructor wasn’t there she was late. It was raining really hard; we were still going on the hike though. We waited in our cabins for our instructor.
  4. 4. Our instructor finally turned up and then we started on our hike. It was still raining and the path was extremely muddy. The first hill was fine but we hadn’t seen Killer Hill. As we stood at the bottom of Killer Hill we couldn’t see the top of the hill. All I could remember seeing was the stream that separated us and Killer Hill. We leapt over the stream and began our way up Killer Hill. Mud was seeping into my shoes.
  5. 5. I could just make out the bottom of Killer Hill. I still couldn’t see the summit yet so we had quite a bit to go. It seemed like it had been hours since we left. When I saw light I thought we must be close to the top. We reached the summit and then I stopped to catch my breath, I also had a look out over the treetops. We were up higher than I thought. I tried to look at the track ahead but I couldn’t see anything.
  6. 6. The track that lay ahead was entangled in the bush. I struggled to keep on my feet, it was only Storm and I and we couldn’t see any one. We thought we were lost for a while but then we caught up to the others. Who had been waiting for us and the people behind us. The people behind us soon caught up and then we kept going. The track we were following now was on the edge of the mountain and it wasn’t very wide.
  7. 7. Finally we reached our destination; at least I thought we had. We were at a beautiful lookout to have lunch, the view was breath taking. After lunch we set off again. The way down was a whole lot easier than the way up. A whole lot of complaining and moaning later we reached Hunua falls.
  8. 8. I was glad I could finally sit down and have a rest, my feet were killing me. I put my foot in the water it was freezing and really murky. I was walking on the rocks towards the other side; I nearly slipped a few times. We all had a rest before we set off again. I was looking forward to lying down in my cabin. We soon reached camp I was glad to be back at camp but we were off again soon to do our activities. My rest was short lived.