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Booxie General Business Overview 7 17 17


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Booxie is revolutionizing how stories are told and shared, both online and in print. There are not only endless uses for a wide variety of consumer audiences, but Booxie also provides a natural marketing channel for businesses, from small entrepreneurs to large corporate brands, opening up revenue streams that differentiate it from other social networking platforms.

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Booxie General Business Overview 7 17 17

  1. 1. Storytelling  Evolved:    Create.  Share.  Print. TM 1 Provisional  Patent  Filed  September  19,  2016
  2. 2. Booxie  is  one  of     “the  Best  New  iOS  and  Browser  Apps…”   “…a  good  mix  of  features  for  users…” “Photographers  can  now  earn     royalDes  from  their  work  by  selling     photo  books  straight  from  their  iPhones.” Category:  Photography   One  of  two  finalists:   Booxie  by  Booxie  LLC  for  Social  Storytelling  App   Adobe  Photoshop  Lightroom  for  mobile  by  Adobe  for  Adobe —  New  Atlas  Magazine:  April,  2017 —  Digital  Trends:  April,  2017
  3. 3. Ray  Slay                                             (Chief  ExecuHve  Officer)   •  CEO  of  X-­‐Dam  SoGware   •  Sr.  VP  NBC/Universal   •  VP  ABC  Television  Group   20+  Years  in  Entertainment  and   Technology  Industries David  Alexander                         (Chairman  Management  Board)   •  President  of  X-­‐Dam  SoGware   •  Founder  of  A&I,  Professional  Photo  Lab   and  Printer   •  Commercial  Photographer,  shooWng   album  covers  and  movie  posters   20+  Years  in  Entertainment  and  Technology   Industries Dennis  Maguire                                   (Chief  OperaHng  Officer)   •  President  Worldwide  Home  Media   DistribuWon,  Paramount  Pictures   •  Sr.  VP  Sales  and  DistribuWon,  Walt   Disney  Company   •  Accomplished  global  media  business   unit  execuWve   20+  Years  in  MulH-­‐NaHonal  Entertainment   MarkeHng,  DistribuHon  and  Sales CORE  TEAM TM 3 Jim  Sorensen                                           (Chief  Financial  Officer)   •  Partner,  Hardesty  LLC   •  CFO  and  VP  SoGware  Development,   Interfilm   •  CFO  Showscan,  Pli  Theaters   20+  Years  in  Entertainment  and  Technology   Industries;  Managed  4  IPOs
  4. 4. CORE  TEAM TM 4 Srinath  Madas     (Chief  Technology  Officer)   •  Mobile  Lead,  Dell   • SoGware  Lead  and  Program   Architect,  Texas  Instruments   •  Mobile  Engineering,  Motorola   18+  Years  in  Leading  SoYware  Development   Projects;  Building  and  Leading  Teams Theresa  Kennedy     (ExecuHve  Director)   •  Co-­‐Founder,  Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief,  (it)  magazine   •  Co-­‐Founder  of  (it)  Studios   • Managing  Editor  &  Dir.  Print  PromoWon,   Fox  Kids  Network/Fox  Kids  Magazine   20+  Years  in  Entertainment,  Print  and  Technology   Industries Chrissey  Slay     (VP,  CommunicaHons)   •  Principal  PR/MarkeWng  Consultant   • Director,  Corporate  &  Consumer   CommunicaWons,  Fox  Television  Networks   • Manager,  CommunicaWons,  The  Walt   Disney  Company   25+  Years  in  Public  RelaHons,  MarkeHng  &   CommunicaHons Print  ProducDon  Partner: Legal  RepresentaDon: Tax  RepresentaDon:
  5. 5. To  revoluDonize  the  way  stories  are  told  and  shared. TM 5 MISSION/COMPANY  PURPOSE
  6. 6. Social  media  is  maturing  and  so  are  its  users.       They’re  craving  deeper  connecDons. Current  social  apps:     • Do  not  allow  for  creaWve  personal  storytelling.   • Most  do  not  make  it  easy  for  businesses  to  share  mulWmedia  content  in  a   creaWve  way.   • Do  not  offer  connecWon  between  the  social  and  physical  world.   • Do  not  have  an  avenue  for  users  to  generate  revenue  from  their  original   content. TM THE  PROBLEM  TODAY 6
  7. 7. Booxie  will  change  the  way  social  stories  are  told  and  shared. • Booxie  goes  beyond  simple  engagement  to  involvement.     • Created  for  people  who  want  a  more  thoughdul,  mulWmedia  approach  to   telling  and  sharing  a  more  complete  story.   • The  only  app/desWnaWon  created  for  brands  to  connect  with  their  fans     online  through  extended  content  that  is  both  embeddable  and  printable.   Booxie  was  created  for  a  maturing  social  world  that  values  deeper  connecWon. TM BOOXIE  IS  THE  SOLUTION 7
  8. 8. Booxie  gives  users  and  brands  the  creaWve  freedom  to  tell  their  stories   through  sharing,  printed  keepsakes,  text  messaging,  email,  embed  links,   and  custom  URLs  for  each  Booxie.   Booxie  uWlizes  images,  videos,  and  audio  to  tell  unique  stories,  edited   with  a  broad  range  of  design  tools.       Printed  Booxies  range  from  2-­‐sided  postcards  to  24-­‐page  booklets. TM WHAT  IS  BOOXIE? 8
  9. 9. Our  Niche  on  the  Content  CreaDon  Spectrum   MARKET  LANDSCAPE TM 9 Social  Networks Photo  Book  Companies Words,  phrases,  sentences Short  Story,  ArWcle Book,  Encyclopedia Superficial,  mindless Thoughdul,  CreaWve ExhausWve,  Meaningful Spontaneous Digital  +  Print Keepsake Temporary,  disposable Booxie Permanent
  10. 10. WHAT  MAKES  BOOXIE  DIFFERENT? TM 10 •  The  Most  Complete  Story  Sharing                         Experience   
 •  Occupying  the  Space  Between                   Temporary  and  EverlasDng   •  MulD-­‐Dimensional/MulD-­‐Media   in  One  Post   •  Though[ul,  CreaDve                                                                                                                                                                         •  Ability  to  Earn  Money  from   Building  a  Mass  User  Base
  11. 11. Only  Booxie  allows  you  to  easily  create,  share,  and  print. BOOXIE  FILLS  A  NEED:  CONSUMER • Greater  control  over  sharing  your  creaDons. TM • Creates  a  community  that  fans  can  explore. 11
  12. 12. Booxie  enables  brands  to  enhance  the  connecDon  with  their  audiences,   expand  their  reach,  and  generate  addiDonal  revenue. BOOXIE  FILLS  A  NEED:  BRANDS/BUSINESSES • Connect  with  fans  and  followers  in  deeper  ways. TM 12 • Company  website  links  within  Booxies. • OpDonal  revenue  generaDon  through   the  Booxie  Royal/es  Program.
  13. 13. BOOXIE  ROYALTIES  PROGRAM TM • The  only  pla[orm  of  its  kind  that  offers  users  the  opportunity  to   earn  a  percentage  of  sales  from  their  printed  Booxies.     • Perfect  for  photographers,  chefs,  authors,  and  other  visual  arDsts.   • Users  who  join  the  Booxie  RoyalDes  Program  will  earn  10%. Introducing:  The  Booxie  RoyalDes  Program 13
  14. 14. THE  BOOXIE  SELECT  PROGRAM TM • Engage  with  partners  who  have  unique  and  appealing  content.   • Each  Select  sale  generates  users  and  revenue  for  the  creator  and   Booxie.   • Disrupts  social  media  convenDons  by  vastly  reducing  user   acquisiDon  costs.   • Booxie  Select  RoyalDes  Program  will  grow  virally  with  each  success. A  new  revenue  stream  for  established  brands  and  individuals,  with  large   fanbases  by  selling  Booxie  collecDons  to  their  fans  and  followers. 14
  15. 15. THE  BOOXIE  SELECT  PROGRAM TM 15 • Booxie  Select  Partners  will  have  separate  pricing  tables   and  royalWes’  percentage  per  unit.   • Opportunity  to  sell  8  x  8"  Booxies.   • Exclusive  category  on  the  Booxie  Explore  Page.   • AddiWonal  Booxie  Select  candidates  are  in  the  works.   Launching  with  Sean  Bagshaw:   -­‐  Award  Winning  Photographer   -­‐  Over  1  Million  Social  Media  Followers   -­‐  Monthly  Series  of  CollecDble  Booxies
  17. 17. •  With  a  focus  on  App  Store  and  Facebook  Ads,  other  Social  Media,  PR   and  Email  MarkeDng  to  increase  downloads,  user  engagement  and   promote  new  features.   •  Improve  the  Cost  Per  AcquisiDon  to  <  $1  and  thereby  generaDng  more   revenue  for  each  printed  Booxie.   •  Provide  content  creaDon  ideas  for  different  verDcals  so  businesses         and  brands  use  Booxie  as  a  “must  have”  new  markeDng  tool. MARKETING  STRATEGY TM 17
  18. 18. Storytelling  Evolved:    Create.  Share.  Print. TM Contact  Info:   David  Alexander,  Chairman:  323.855.0080     Ray  Slay,  CEO:  818.424.5700   Jim  Sorensen,  CFO:  949.606.3104  
  19. 19. TM TM This  document  (the  “Material")  contains  selected  informaWon  pertaining  to  the  business  and  operaWons  of  Booxie   LLC  (“Booxie”  or  the  “Company”)  and  is  being  furnished  to  interested  persons  solely  for  use  by  the  recipient  in   considering  their  interest  in  a  possible  investment  in  the  Company  (the  “TransacWon”).    By  virtue  of  the  recipient   reviewing  the  Material,  recipient  agrees  to  be  bound  to  the  Company’s  confidenWality  agreement  whether  executed   or  not  by  or  on  behalf  of  the  recipient,  and  the  recipient  hereby  agrees  to  the  terms  and  condiWons  of  such   confidenWality  agreement  in  respect  of  all  informaWon  contained  herein  and  as  may  be  provided  herewith.  This   Material  remains  the  property  of  the  Company  and  the  recipient  agrees  to  return  this  Material  to  the  Company   upon  its  request.  This  Material  does  not  consWtute  an  offer  or  invitaWon  for  the  sale  or  purchase  of  any  securiWes  of   the  Company  in  any  jurisdicWon  in  which  such  offer  or  invitaWon  is  not  permied.    Neither  the  TransacWon  nor  any   part  thereof  has  been  registered  or  qualified  under  any  federal  or  state  securiWes  or  other  laws.     No  representaWon  or  warranty,  express  or  implied,  is  or  will  be  made,  and  no  responsibility  or  liability  is  or  will  be   accepted,  by  the  Company,  or  by  any  of  its  respecWve  officers,  directors,  employees  or  agents  as  to  the  accuracy  or   completeness  of  this  Material  or  any  other  wrien  or  oral  informaWon  provided  to  any  interested  party.    Only  those   parWcular  representaWons  and  warranWes  that  may  be  made  in  a  definiWve  agreement  for  the  TransacWon  when  and   if  it  is  finally  executed,  and  subject  to  such  limitaWons  and  qualificaWons,  shall  have  any  legal  effect.   This  Material  may  contain  statements  concerning  projecWons,  esWmates,  prospects,  returns  and  performance  and   may  contain  future  forward-­‐looking  statements  about  the  Company’s  future  plans,  strategies,  objecWves,  goals  and   expectaWons.  Such  statements  reflect  various  assumpWons  of  management  that  may  or  may  not  prove  to  be  correct   or  that  may  change  in  the  future.    As  a  result,  actual  results  may  differ  materially  from  such  statements.     The  Company  makes  no  representaWon  or  warranty,  express  or  implied,  and  no  assurance  can  be  given  that  the   Company  can  or  will  aain  such  results. 19 DISCLAIMER