Social Media Guidelines 2013Q1


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  • Users are trained to hate brands. Help me make Harry’s look human and build trusting communities of your own that you can Makes my life easier (gets me content, keeps the feeds lively and active)
  • Social Media Guidelines 2013Q1

    1. 1. So you want to be a gangster?
    2. 2. Don’t let Hemmingway down. Get on social mediaWhy you should get involved: - People want to hear from people, not brands. - Shows who we are as a company and what we stand for. - You want the world to think that Harry’s “gets it” - Jon will love you forever.
    3. 3. “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one becomes master”Easy ways you can help Harrys: - Taking pictures of EVERYTHING (even meetings!). You can always decide not to post them later. - Spreading the word of our PR hits, campaigns and news - Being awesome. The more you show off how interesting you are in public, the more your association with Harry’s will help the brand
    4. 4. 4 Dead Simple Best Practices A little common sense goes a long way
    5. 5. Be Honest Don’t bullshit people. Transparency and authenticity are everything.You are a member of the team, but not wholly representing the brand, so just be yourself.
    6. 6. Be SmartShare thoughtfully: Use discretion when talking about Harrys, if you’re not sure if it’s cool to tweet it, ask Jeff/Andy/meRe-read your posts before pulling the trigger (smart people can spell). Make sure links and tags are good. Strangers with candy: Don’t click on every link and take some time to check out the profiles of the people you’re talking to where possible.
    7. 7. Play Nice There are real people behind the accounts you’re talking to (most of the time), so treat them like human beings. 2-way street: Talk, don’t shout. Ask and answer questions. Beappreciative when someone shows you (or Harry’s) some love. Stick around: wait a bit after posting and show off how responsive you are. Inactive users get no love. Meet effort with effort: Acknowledging people that make an effort to interact with you is the best way to create deeper, trusting relationships.
    8. 8. Go HardGet off the sidelines: The tools lose their mystery when you just dive in. Overpost to start and get the lay of the land. Spread it out: Post often, but not all at once. Be aggressive about capturing content. You can always share afterwardsDon’t designating time for posting. When you’re out think: “How can I share this?”. When in doubt, snap a photo. Who cares? Don’t worry about how your friends respond. Interesting people share interesting things. You’re cooler than your friends anyway
    9. 9. A Few Nuts and Bolts The Pre-Post Checklist
    10. 10. - Be proud to represent: Put it in your bio and email signature- Talking about us? Don’t forget to tag us- Pictures show up better in your feed- Engage with us and talk with folks that are interacting with Harry’s- Less is better: People don’t like to read, so keep your copy short- Use common hashtags: #FF #tbt #hapostrophe, etc- Share across multiple networks where possible- When in doubt? Pull the trigger.
    11. 11. The “Holy Ratio” Where possible, follow less people than follow you*At first, its cool to mess up the ratio, but as you evolve, you should prune your list (usually every few months)
    12. 12. Who Should I follow?- Close friends, coworkers, bloggers you read, and HUGE brand advocates (customers) - Human Test: if they aren’t human (or are unresponsive), don’t follow them- Use Lists: Doesn’t affect your follower count, allows you to bucket other users by topic or importance and keep track of content hubs (e.g. ESPN) - Follow lists – check out other people’s list or create your own
    13. 13. Keeping it all straight:- It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to monitor your lists, searches, hashtags, mentions and DMs- Organizing and updating lists makes it easy to cut through the noise, see who is interacting with you in real time, and stay on top of Harry’s updates.- Do NOT just go to Twitter to see what’s happening (unless you’re a masochist). If you don’t already have a monitoring tool, I will help you set one up.- *Mobile: install a twitter app on your phone and set up notifications for mentions.
    14. 14. Sharpen up your profileLooking legit builds trust and helps attract followers. Often the first place a person sees you is on your profile. Using the stock background is for amateurs. Step your game up. Always represent: @harrys should be part of your bio and unless you have a personal site, your website should link to
    15. 15. Obvious? Good, now get started! Additional Resources: Harry’s Social Awesomeness Facebook Group Mashable: make this your bible Ask me anything @thesessionspot