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Digital Media Trends 2014


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With the new year, digital world too needs a new You! While you continue to follow everything that you did on social media for your brand in 2013, make sure you rev up your efforts in 2014 for extra vitality.

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Digital Media Trends 2014

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  2. 2. Companies will leverage communities as a forum and engage in constant interaction. There will be a rise of collaborative economy causing a significant digital impact.
  3. 3. According to Augie Ray, former Forrester Analyst and Voice of Customer Professional: Aside from the Social Media Strategist, the social media department shall now include two new players – the PR professional & the Customer service executive!
  4. 4. This year, you need to be more aware about the type of content that is being shared and the outdated social media tactics that you need to do away with.  Life-centric technology comes to the fore with lifechanging/altering apps influencing day-to-day life; think ‘Real Life’.  Beware of hoaxes. The web is full of them – more so this time around. 
  5. 5.      Yes, everything will be more web-based and more digital than ever before. Since more activity will be expressed digitally, cognitive computing will be the next big trend – artificial intelligence will meet business brainiacs. There will be an increase in social listening solutions. The products and brands will come to you instead of you searching for them. The use of virtual currency will increase.