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A brief description of Social Local Mobile technology, its implications, and trends that might arise

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  1. 1. Alphonse Valenzuela
  2. 2.      Short for social-local-mobile Centered on the mobile version of search engine results Started because of the M-Commerce trend (smartphones and tablets) Uses GPS to localize results Heavily connected to social networking which allows others to see your location and preferences
  3. 3.     By using GPS tracking to determine where the user is, results are specifically localized to cater to individuals Allows businesses to deliver information to consumers within their vicinity Primarily used in marketing Ex. Foursquare, AroundMe, and Yelp
  4. 4.     Allows businesses to offer services only to people around the vicinity This is made possible through the mobile feature of SoLoMo Allows individuals to “check in” establishments thus making it possible for others on social networks to view certain information about establishments Best for businesses that need local traffic to survive
  5. 5.      Privacy concerns Businesses may take advantage of user information SoLoMo provides extensive information about habits of individuals This may cause businesses to provide information that may be harmful to users Ex. Shopaholics, Drunkards
  6. 6.    This may give extensive information to users regarding their interests This will also allow businesses to provide useful information to users within their vicinity Easy sharing of promos/sales, in other words good deals, to users within a certain vicinity
  7. 7.      Continuous growth of people using SoLoMo No significant fear of privacy concerns Upward trend in social networking thus resulting into heavy use of SoLoMo as a marketing tool Businesses will continue to take advantage of this and may affect decisions of individuals Manipulative tendency of this as a marketing tool will rise
  8. 8.     Extremely heavy use of SoLoMo as a marketing tool Technological advancements may increase the risk of privacy violations and SoLoMo’s manipulative tendencies on consumer decisions Awareness, among consumers, will begin to rise and more campaigns for protection of privacy will begin Laws and policies will begin to regulate SoLoMo