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  1. 1. ( Reaffirmed 1997 )
  2. 2. _ .________~ -__ IS I 6441( Part VI ) - 1973 hidian Standard METHODS OF TESTS FOR AUTOCLAVED CELLULAR CONCRETE PRODUCTS PART VI STRENGTH, DEFORMATlbN AND CRACKING OF FLEXURAL MEMBERS SUBJECT TO BENDING- SHORT DURATION LOADING TEST Cement and Concrete Sectional Committee, BDC 2 Ckairtnm RrpIumting DR H. C. V~svrsvr~A~~ Cement Research Institute of India, New Delhi Members DR A. S. BH~DURI National Test Ho&, Calcutta SXRXE. K. RAYACHANDRAN( Alternate 1 DR S. 5. REHSI( .-llrrmate ; DIRECTO.P DR R. K. GHOSX ( Alternate ) DIRECTOR( CSMRS ) Ds~un DIRECTOR ( CSMRS ) ( Alternate ) SHRlK. H. CANOWIJ. Ccnt~~orkB~ilding Research Institute (CSIR ), Central Road Research Institute ( CSIR ), New Delhi Central Water & Power Commission, New Delhi SHRIK. C. GHO~AL Sxsu A. K. Buw~s ( Ahmote) DR R. K. GHOSH DR R. R. HATTIAN~ADI SWRl P. J. JAOVS ( AI&mate ) TOINT DIRECWR. STANDARDS * ( :I$% DIRECXORSTAND~UW (B&S)(Al&c) SHRIS’.B. JOSH: SXIU hi. T. KASSB SHRI S. L. KATHURIA SHRI S. R. KULMRSI SHRI Al. A. MEHTA SHRI 0. MuTHhCNE~ SUPERINTEXDINOE N o I N B E R, 2r;D &cur ( Altematr ) Hyderabad Asbestos Cement Products Ltd, Hyderabrd hlokudyog Services Ltd, New Delhi Indian Roads Congress, New Delhi Associated Cement Companies Ltd, Bombay Research, Designs & Standards Organization, Lucknow S. B. Joshi & Co Ltd, Bombay Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals Roads Wing, Ministry of Transport 8; Shipping M. N. Dastur 8; CO ( Private ) Ltd, Calcutta Concrete Association of India. Bombay Central Public Works Dcparment ( Cbntinucdonpage 2 ) @ Copyrigkr 1973 INDIAN STANDARDS INSTITUTION This publication is protected under the Indian Copyright Act ( XIV of 1957 ) and reproduction in whole or in part by ifn~ means except with written permission of the publisher shall be deemed to be an lnfnngement of copyright under the said Act.
  3. 3. 15:6441(PartvI)-1973 (C0&wdJfm puge1) Mcmbcrs R@I&titlE SHRI ERACHA. NADIRSHAH Institution of Engineers ( India ), Calcutta Sum K. K. NAMXAR In personal capacity ( ’ Ramnnalaya ‘, I1 First Crsscmt Park Road, Gandhinagar, A&ar, Madras ) BRIQNARESHPRASAD Engineer-in-Chief’s Branch, Army Headquarters COL J. M. TOLANI ( Alkrnak) PROPG. S. &laASWAbfY StructRx--ake~inecring Research Ccntre ( CSIR ), 0 DR N. S. BHAL ( Alkrnak ) DR A. V. R. RAO National Buildines Omanization. New DelhiY 1 SHRI RAV~NDERLAL ( Alkmak ) SHRI G. S. M. RAO Geological Survey of India, Nagpur SHRI T. N. S. RAO Gammon India Ltd, Bombay SHRI S. R. PINIIE~O ( Alternate ) SECRETARY Central Board of Irrigation & Power, New Dclhl SHRI R. P. SHARMA Irrigation and Power Research Institute, Amritsar SHRI MOHINDERSINGH( Alkrnak ) _ SHRI.G. B. SINGH Hindustan Housing Factory Ltd, New Delhi SHRI c. I_,. tiSLlWAL [ Alkrnak j ’SHRIJ. S. SINGEIOTA SHRI T. C. GARG ( Alfemate) ‘Beas Designs Organization, Nangal Township SWRI R. IL. SXNHA SHRI IL A. SU~RAMAN~AM Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur India Cements Ltd. Madras SHRI P. S. RAMAMANDRAN ( Alkmak ) SHRI L. SWAROOP Srrnr A. V. RAMANA ( A!temak) Dalmia Cement ( Bharat ) Ltd, New Delhi Smu D. AJITHA S~MHA, Director General, IS1 (&-o&o Member ) Director ( Civ Engg ) Smtr Y..R. T~NEJA Deputy Director ( Clv Engg ), IS1 precast Concrete Products Subcommittee, BDC 2 : 9 SHRIM. A. MEHTA Concrete Association .of India, Bombay . iucmbcr# SHRI E. T. ANTIA ( Alirmats to Shri M. A. Mehta ) SBRI V. A. ARTHANOOR Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd, Neyveli SHRI T. RAMACHANDRAN ( Alkmak ) . SHRI H. B. CHAYTERJEE SHRI S. K. CHATTERJEE Hindustan Block Manufacturing Co Ltd, Calcutta DEPUTY DIRECZTOR, Hindustan Housing Factory Ltd, New Delhi (B&S) STANDARDS R-L;&oDwQigns and Standards Organiaation, ADJUTANTDIRECMR. STANDARDS (M/C ) ( A-‘) bRECTOR( CSMRS ) Dapurv DIWXOR (CSMRS) Central Water& Power Commission, New Delhi ( BItema&) 2
  4. 4. _. IS:6441(PadVI)-1973 lndian Standard METHODS OF TESTS FOR AUTOCLAVED CELLULAR CONCRETE PRODUCTS PART VI STRENGTH, DEFORMATION AND CRACKING OF FLEXURAL MEMBERS SUBJECT TO BENDING- SHORT DURATION LOADING TEST 0. FOREWORD 0.1 This Indian Standard ( Part VI) was adopted by the Indian Standards Institution on 22 March 1973, after the draft finalized by the Cement and Concrete Sectional Committee had been approved by the Civil Engineering Division Council. 0.2 Autoclaved cellular concrete is a class of material, which has .been developed commercially abroad and is in the process of development in this country also. A series of Indian Standards on cellular concrete is being formulated so as to provide guidance in obtaining reliable products in auroclaved celiular concrete. The Sectional Committee has considered it desirable to issue a standard for the methods of test for autoclnvcd cellu- lar concrete products for the guidance of manufacturers and users. 0.3 In the formulation of this standard due weightage has been given to international co-ordination among the standards and practices prevailing in different countries in addition to relating it to the practices in the field in this country. 0.4 For convenience of reference, ‘ Indian Standard methods of test for autoclaved cellular concrete products’ has been grouped into the following nine Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI parts: Determination of unit weight or bulk density and moisture content Determination of drying shrinkage Determination of thermal conductivity Corrosion protection of steel reinforcement in autoclaved cellular concrete Determination of compressive strength Strength, deformation and cracking of flexural members subject to bending-short duration loading test 3 jw 1.
  5. 5. IS:6441(PartVI)-1973 Part VII Strength, deformation and cracking of flexural members subject to bending-sustnined loading test. Part VIII Loading tests fw flextlral members in diagonal tension Part IX Jointing of autoclaved cellular concrete elements 05 In reporting the result of a test or analysis made in accordance with this standard, if the final value, observed or calculated, is to be rounded off, it shall be dane in accordance with IS : 2-1960*. 1. SCOPE 1.1 This standard ( Part VI ) covers the method of test for the strength, deformation and cracking ( under short duration load ) af flexural members such as floor or roof slabs of cellular concrete subject to bending. Z TEST SPECIMEN 2.1 Size of the Specimen - The test specimen. shall be the full size member as to be actually used in construction satisfying the requirements of the relevant Indian Standard (or the requirements specified by the manufacturer ) in respect of shape and dimensions. 2.2 Condition of the Test Specimen 2.2.1 Moisture Content -The moisture content of the concrete during the test should be indicated and should be not less than 10 percent,by weight, when determined in accordance with IS : 6441 ( Part I )-1972t. 2.2.2 Te&fierature of Specimen - The temperature of the concrete shall not be materially different from the ambient temperature in which it is being tested and in any case not less than 0°C. 3. TEST ARRANGEMENTS 3.1 The member to be tested shall be simply supported at the ends. The supports shall consist of 25-mm thick horizontal mild steel plates bedded on rigid supports of steel or concrete. The ends of the member shall be fully in contact with the steel plate over the whole width of the member. The bearing width and the span used for the test shall be the same as those indicated by the manufacturer and to be actually used in construction practice ( see Fig. 1 ). *Rules for rounding off numerical values(recirud). th4ethods of tests for autoclaved cellular concrete products : Part I Determb&ou of unit weight or bulk density and moisture content,
  6. 6. XSt6441(Pa*VI )-1973 ~ J; t $ +-.4 + ~25mfn -,..,’. ,. ..,..,’ .. . . . .. “,.,’. ,. ?.,..*. . “”,’’.:*. “’.~l2”mm:,’,. ’..,. . . . .’. “’’’1.’? .’.”. ,. ,’; ; ..,, ,,.. ,., .:. . . . . ., -.”., ... .,. ._F.’.’... ,,, .,, ,., :, , .. . . . . . . . . ,.. . ./. b/ /MI?WUM PERMISSIBLE Sil’EB. PLATE EMBEDDED BEARING WIDTH Ihl STFELOR CUNCRETE RIGID SUPPORT i = effectivespan of unit, t = steel pIatc of thickness not less than 25 mm and length equal to width of the unit, t E porow fibre board thickness not less than 12 mm and length equal to width of the unit, and Q= applied load. Fm. 1 MSTZiODFOR BENDING TEST OF REINFORCED CELLIJLAR CONCRETE UNITS ( SHORT DURATION LOADING TEST) 4. LOADING 4.1 The test specimen member shall be subjected tO loads placed at + span points through steel platens not lCSSthan 25 mm *U the load extending over the entire widtil of the member. The steel platens shall be bedded on soft fibre board packing, not less than 12 mm thick and of the same plan dimensions as the steel pIatens. The packing shaU be placed between each steel loading platen and the top of the member. The span shall be taken as the distance between the centms of the bearing ( see Fig. 1 ). 4.2 The loads at the two ~ span po.iII.~ shall be equal and evenly distributed over the steel loading platens The wxdth of the steel platen shall not be less than 100 mm and shall be inme=edj where necessaty, in multiples of 50 mm, so that We contact pr=ure under the applied load is not more than 20 p~rcent of the compr=slve stiengds of the concrete. 4.3 The weight of the Ioadlng equipment siall be taken into account in calculating the applied load. 5. MEASU’RE~NTS 5S Loada — The loads shall be measured to an accuracy of not less than + 1q5 percent of the applied load. 5.2 Deflection — The deflection of the member shall be measured at mid-span and th~ least count of the dial gauge shall be at least 0.01 mm. 5
  7. 7. IS: 6441 ( Part VI) -1973 5.3 Stt-aiss — Strain measurements may be made, where required, prefer- ably at mid-span, cm the main tension reinforcement and on the extreme compression fibre of the concrete, 5.4 Crack Widths — Crack widths shall be measured with an accuracy of * 0“05 mm. 6. TEST PROCEDURE 6.1 Zero for the deflection measurements shatl be taken immediately after the member had been placed in position. 6.2 The loading apparatus shall then be fixed and the load applied in Stages. At the end of this stage the load, including the self weight of the m~mber and the weight of the Ioading apparatus, shall be equal to the design dead load for the member. 6.2.1 After an interval of about 5 min loading shall be increased gradually until the load equals the combined dead and design live loads for the member. 6.2,2 After a further intcrwd of about 5 min loading shall be increased at-adually until the Ioad equals the combined dead and twice the design five loads. At that load, the deflection shall be noted. 6.2.3 After a further interval of about 5 min loading shail bc increased at a rate of about + of the design live load per minute until failure occurs or the mid-span d~fkction is 1/60 of the span, M$hichever is earlier. If the member is not tested [o failure: then a hypothetical failure load shall be assumed w be Lhat Ioad for wh]ch the red-span deflection is 1/60 of the span. 6.2.4 Defection and strain measurements ( see 5.3 ) shall be recorded at the beginning and where applicable at the end of each of the loading stages; intermediate measurements may also be made if required. 7. REPORT 7.1 The test report shall state: a) moisture content of the specimen; b) temperature of the specimen; and c) measured Ioads, deflcctions~ strains and crack widths for all load conditions.. 6
  8. 8. ( Coatissdfrom @gt 2 ) Memlw StSax K. c. GSSOSAL SHRI A. K. BISWM ( .4Msafe ) %su k’. G. GOKHALE SHRI M. K. GUPTA SHRI B. D. JAYARAMAK SXRSB. K. JIXD~L DR S. S. RESSSI( Ahcrrrats) SHSU L. C. LAI SHRI G. C. MATHSJR Rsfmssstting Alokudvog Services Ltd, New Delhi Bombay Chemicals Private Lknited, Bombay’ Himalayan Tiles & Marble Pvt Ltd, Bombay %~~~””~~~~~~dk%$% Institute ( CSIR ), Roorkce In personal CR acity ( BI17 U’eStEnd,Arm’Dtlhi23) 1National Bud mm Organizaliorr, New Delhi_--. SHR: A. C. GUPTA ( Msnsals ) -- &IR1 S. ~AMROY Engineering Construction Corporation Ltd, Madras SHRI A. ~AXRtSIWA ( Aitsrn& ) SHRI K. K. NASSZIAR In personal capaci ~{ ’kmenalqa’. 11 First (%atort Perk Road, Gan hwagar, A&ar, it~adras) Sr+m RADHrtY SHIAU Engineer-in-Chief’s Branoh, Army Headquarters SSSRIB. G. SSSIRKE B. G. Shirke& Co, Poona SHRI R. A. DaSHSi’UKH ( Akraate ) SHRSc. N. SRINIVMAN C. R. KRravana Road, Madras SStRI C. N. RAOSIAVENDRAN ( Ahcrnafe) SURVEYOR OF WORKS ( I ) Central Public Works Department Dz H. C. VSSVE.WARAYA Cement Research Institute of India. !few Dclbi 7