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Booosting gt bcongres 8juni12_berrie_dejonge


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Booosting gt bcongres 8juni12_berrie_dejonge

  1. 1. Pioneering, IDFIndividueel, duurzaam, flexibelindividual, sustainable, flexible Berri de Jonge MSc. Project Manager Special Projects @
  2. 2. 4D Architects ArchitectDe Groot Vroomshoop BV Construction companyDe Woonplaats Housing corporationHodes Bouwsystemen BV Construction companyPlegt Vos Bouwgroep BV Construction companyRaab Karcher Bouwstoffen Oost Supplier building materialsSaxion EducationTwinta CareUniversiteit Twente EducationVan Dijk Groep Construction companyWinkels Techniekgroep BV Technical installationsLoke Dakmanagement Roofing advice
  3. 3. Goals• promotion of IDF ▫ showing the possibilities, opportunities, advantages• developing IDF solutions ▫ expandable module ▫ transformable bathroom
  4. 4. Transformable bathroom
  5. 5. The bathroom:• tiles on wall and floor• piping rigid in walls and floors• no transformation possibilities without demolishion• Transformation: ▫ costs ▫ time ▫ no optimal solution ▫ lots of efforts ▫ environmental impact
  6. 6. Importance of participation Belang inspraak 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Sanitair Tegelwerkaak aspect Type keuken Locatie toilet Locatie keukenntal en locatie stopcontacten en schakelaars Afwerking vloer Locatie badkamer Aantal slaapkamers Hang- en sluitwerk Telecom Oppervlakte woning Locatie wastafels Indeling begane grond Wanden (behang, stucwerk) Lengte en breedte woonkamer [source: Dr. Ir. Hofman] Binnenkozijnen en deuren
  7. 7. Bathroom: constructors view• A lot of different subcontractors/disciplines are nessesary to build a bathroom ▫ builder ▫ plumber ▫ electrician ▫ tiler• Planning• Source of failure costs
  8. 8. Prefabricated bathroom• bathroom in a box• prefabricated under preserved conditions• one party for production• no obstructions in building process on site• only advantages for the constructor• for the user/customer: ordinary bathroom• usually not practical for renovations
  9. 9. Development goals• Create a modular bathroom• Easy to transform• Less life cycle costs• Less environmental impact (initial and life cycle)• Applicable in new buildings and also for renovation of housing
  10. 10. Advantages modular bathroom• Customization (new and existing)• Transformation when changes occur• Less environmental impact• Lower lifecycle costs• Prefabricated modules• Easy to install• Like a kitchen!
  11. 11. How it looks…
  12. 12. Fabrication of the pilot
  13. 13. Possibilities,duringexploitation
  14. 14. Possibilities,duringexploitation
  15. 15. Questions???