Effective Supervision and Staff Leadership


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In this day and age, you don’t have to be a manager or have a position of power to become a leader. Anyone can become a leader. Why? Because leadership is about attitude, not position. It’s about influence, not power. It’s about the ability to communicate effectively, not the ability to make money.

However, many staff-level employees don’t see themselves as leaders. Sadly, many even see themselves as victims of their own leaders and managers. Many more lack the confidence to simply do their jobs right.

Our “Effective Supervision and Staff Leadership” course is designed to bring out the leader in all of us by effectively communicating our information, opinions and needs. This unique course recognizes the fact that great leaders are, first and foremost, effective communicators. But, that’s not all.

Our two-day course will also tackle many important traits of highly effective leaders; such as: assertiveness, negotiation skills, critical thinking, planning and preparedness, influential behavior, and many more.


By attending this course, participants will be able to:

1. Define staff leadership and calculate their motivation to become staff leaders in the workplace
2. Measure their understanding of themselves and others as well as identify the traits they will need to help them in their leadership and supervisory roles
3. Categorize their styles of staff leadership and identify the styles that will be most effective for their supervisory roles in the organization
4. Align their personal goals with the organizations goals
5. Demonstrate critical and solution-based thinking
6. Apply effective communication techniques and styles to enhance their leadership and supervisory skills
7. Facilitate their work teams effectively
8. Utilize win-win concepts even when communicating assertively

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Effective Supervision and Staff Leadership

  1. 1. effective supervision and staff leadership copyright © 2014 by: boom san agustin
  2. 2. objectives
  3. 3. participants willlearn to… define staff leadership calculate their motivation to become leaders in the workplace measure their understanding of themselves and others categorize their styles of staff leadership identify the traits and styles needed to help them in their leadership and supervisory roles
  4. 4. align their personal goals with the organizations goals demonstrate critical and solution-based thinking apply effective communication techniques and styles to enhance their leadership and supervisory skills facilitate their work teams effectively utilize win-win concepts even when communicating assertively participants willlearn to…
  5. 5. pre-work
  6. 6. activity myers-briggs personality type test
  7. 7. the dichotomies how we gather energy how we process information how we make decisions how we structure our lives
  8. 8. day one
  9. 9. introductionto staff leadership module 1
  10. 10. activity leadership motivation assessment test
  11. 11. here,we’ll discuss the concepts ofleadership and supervision
  12. 12. understandingourselvesand others module 2
  13. 13. activity emotional quotient test
  14. 14. in this module we’ll see how the mindworks
  15. 15. we’ll also see how emotionscan be managed
  16. 16. we’ll, now, score the MBTI tests
  17. 17. extroverts& introverts
  18. 18. sensors& intuitives
  19. 19. feelers & thinkers
  20. 20. judges & percievers
  21. 21. understandingour leadership styles module 3
  22. 22. activity leadership quotient test
  23. 23. how to develop a leader’s mindset
  24. 24. activity leadership behavior test
  25. 25. here,we’ll discuss the leadership matrix
  26. 26. and which behavior fits you best
  27. 27. yourgoals and yourorganization’sgoals module 4
  28. 28. activity write a eulogy
  29. 29. first, understand yourmission
  30. 30. then,connectit to the company’s
  31. 31. critical and solutions-basedthinking (part one) module 5
  32. 32. activity assemble the avengers
  33. 33. being proactive
  34. 34. homework
  35. 35. homework critical thinking test
  36. 36. day two
  37. 37. critical and solutions-basedthinking (part two) module 5
  38. 38. we’ll, now, take a look at the results of your criticalthinking test
  39. 39. then,we’ll discuss the HBDI model (hermann brain dominance index)
  40. 40. activity letter discrimination
  41. 41. now,we’ll discuss how critical thinking can be developed
  42. 42. leadershipcommunication module 6
  43. 43. activity leadership communication test
  44. 44. here,we’ll talk about the 5 aspects ofcommunication for leaders
  45. 45. activity information acceptance preference test
  46. 46. here,we’ll find out howdifferent people chooseto receive information
  47. 47. activity hearing it right
  48. 48. in this module we’ll talk aboutthe active listening cycle
  49. 49. facilitating teams module 7
  50. 50. activity birds of a feather
  51. 51. here,we’ll talk about the5 dysfunctionsof a team
  52. 52. we’ll also learn how to facilitate meetings by asking questions
  53. 53. activity i don’t want to go to school anymore
  54. 54. here,we’ll learn how to get commitment fromyour team
  55. 55. assertive and win-win communication module 8
  56. 56. activity behavioral styles test
  57. 57. here,we’ll look at the 4 behavioralstyles
  58. 58. and how to be assertive withoutbeing aggressive
  59. 59. activity breaking the trend
  60. 60. here,we’ll understand what win-winreally means
  61. 61. conclusion
  62. 62. activity speedball special
  63. 63. here,we’ll learnto GROW
  64. 64. that was just a teaser for our module on supervision & leadership
  65. 65. to find outmore about this course contactus here…
  66. 66. +63-917-593-1494 info@ourknowledge.asia +63-2-213-8944
  67. 67. or connectwith us on…
  68. 68. www.OurKnowledge.Asia www.Linkedin.com/Company/Our-Knowledge-Consulting-Asia- www.Facebook.com/OurKnowledgeAsia www.twitter.com/OurKnowledgePH