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Effective Sales Leadership through Coaching

One of the most vital skills of highly successful sales leaders is their ability to coach members of their team effectively. However, this is easier said than done. Often, sales leaders do not consider the individuality of each team member when they attempt to implement their plans. Their shortsightedness has lead to delays, misunderstandings and inefficiencies; often resulting in goals not being met.

Our “Effective Sales Leadership Through Coaching” program will teach participants how to successfully coach each member of their respective teams by focusing on individuals and learning what makes them tick. Our program will focus more on coaching the input rather than the output (which is a common mistake among managers); thus attacking the problem of inefficiency at its source.

Effective Sales Leadership through Coaching

  1. 1. effective sales leadership through coaching by: boom san agustin
  2. 2. let’s get started
  3. 3. understandingsalescoaching
  4. 4. how do you coachyour team?
  5. 5. do you manage the output or the input?
  6. 6. most sales managers manage the output rather than the input
  7. 7. what is easier the input or the output? to control, but…
  8. 8. let’s find out…
  9. 9. let me provide an output 13
  10. 10. how did i get this output? 13
  11. 11. you can guessall you want
  12. 12. some will get it most won’t
  13. 13. but, if i did this? (6x2)+1=13
  14. 14. or this? 8+7-2=13
  15. 15. was that better?
  16. 16. it all boils downto this…
  17. 17. it’s no use trying to force them to meet the quota
  18. 18. if they don’t know how
  19. 19. like any output, is something you can’t control the quota,
  20. 20. so…
  21. 21. you should only manage what you can control
  22. 22. manage the input and the output will follow
  23. 23. how do we do that?
  24. 24. a salesman’sstory i’ll answerthat with
  25. 25. so, what inputs can you manage?
  26. 26. that was an excerpt on our module on sales coaching
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