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Drink Digital Updates Jan 2017


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Ian's slides on what's been happening in the world of search, from Drink Digital January 2017.

Published in: Marketing
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Drink Digital Updates Jan 2017

  1. 1. Mobile Interstitial Penalty Live
  2. 2. Mobile-First Indexing • All search results to be based on mobile version/experience of sites • Failing “mobile-friendly” test could now impact desktop ranking too
  3. 3. Tabbed Content Now OK?
  4. 4. Google To Show AMP Display Of Publisher
  5. 5. GSC Warnings For Non Secure Password Collection
  6. 6. Google “Doesn’t Always Get It Right”
  7. 7. Live “Popular Times”
  8. 8. Google My Business Adds Photo Insights
  9. 9. AdWords Automated Call Extensions • Launching Feb 6th • Can be opted-out
  10. 10. Shared Negative Keyword Lists in MCC
  11. 11. Promoted Places Test
  12. 12. Audience Lists At Campaign Level • RLSAs and Customer Match lists can now be applied at campaign level • Customer Match lists can now be edited (add or remove email addresses) • You are using RLSA and Customer Match, right?