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Drink Digital Updated March 2017


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Mentions of Google updates, local SEO virtual office crackdown, new Google Maps app features and AdWords changes.

Published in: Marketing
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Drink Digital Updated March 2017

  1. 1. Death of DMOZ
  2. 2. Mobile Interstitial Non-Penalty • Not much has changed • googles-mobile-popup-algorithm-268991 • Will Google turn up the dial?
  3. 3. Unconfirmed Update 1st Feb • Definitely some changes, but not universal • Most evidence points to Penguin/spammy link- related changes • Sites that had suffered a penalty some time ago were revitalised
  4. 4. AMP Publisher URL Sharing • Browser URL field shows Google AMP URL • Header shows actual URL • Hold link icon for native sharing functions
  5. 5. Virtual Office Crackdown? • Change to Google My Business guidelines could foresee penalties for virtual office locations • 177?hl=en&ref_topic=4540086#address
  6. 6. Nearby & Real-time Maps Info • New features in Google Maps mobile app
  7. 7. Ads Look Less Like Ads
  8. 8. AdWords Converted Clicks Dies • Retired March 2017 • Check if your automated rules, scripts etc. uses the Converted Clicks metric • Use “Conversions” instead
  9. 9. Data Studio Limit Removed