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• As a part of the connecting the class room with British Council, the ISA dossier prepared by Panchayat Union Middle School, Guduvancheri, which won the ISA Award 2012 is linked

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  1. 1. PROJECT – THREE DANCE –CLASS INVOLVED – I to 8 STDFlower dance of philliphines. We took the theme as the fivenational flowers –Hibiscus(Malaysia) Rose (U.S.A),Iris(France),Protea (South Africa)and Moonorchid (Indonesia) from ourflowers project.
  2. 2. Chinese dance
  3. 3. THAI DANCELearning through videos our children enjoyed performingthai danceand created a new dimension in dancing styles.
  4. 4. SOUTH AFRICAN DANCEWatching videos of South African dance, our childrenenjoyed dancing it
  5. 5. JAPANESE DANCEJapanese fan dance is famous among all forms of dance.Thanks to technology our children watched the danceperformed byJapanese people and were really happy to perform the same.
  6. 6. FOLLOW-UP ACTIVITYDragon dance of China were men carry dragon heads with decorated dressesand swing it and it looks as if a dragon is dancing. Immediately afterwatching, they started making dragon heads and tried a lot to perform thedragon dance. They wondered how the dragon could dance. They had triedtheir best to perform the dragon dance. Everyone in the school appreciatedthe spirit in them.We were happy that the culture of different countries isappreciated and adopted easily by our students which shows internationalism.
  7. 7. PROJECT – FOUR FESTIVALS Children prepared cards for the partner schoolfriends wishing them for Christmas and it was sent through post.
  9. 9. Festival means enjoyment and fun. Children had that much of funandenjoyment throwing and playing with tomatoes. This was a newexperience for them to appreciate internationalism.
  10. 10. CHINESE NEW YEARExperiencing other nations festivals & enjoying it
  11. 11. They welcomed their teachers with the dragons ( hand made) intheir hand.Chinese festival is known for red colour and this year isthe year of dragons and so the room was filled with redcolour dragons.
  12. 12. PROJECT – SIX KITE FESTIVAL – CLASS INVOLVED – VIII STDKite festival symbolises fun and fulfils the thirst for adventure.When we announced of the kite festival our boys started makingnumber of kites. As we were doing projects of different countriesthey started making kites showing the picture of differentcountries flags. That showed their creativity.
  13. 13. They were preparing to fly theirkites.
  14. 14. OVERALL EVALUATIONEvaluation for higher classes were conducted through speech competition,debate and quiz programmes. It was conducted as evaluation day.
  15. 15. Groups were divided and children were asked questions related tofestivals and the person who answered more no of questions weregiven prizes.