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Becoming You - The Key to Becoming a Leader

Most leadership courses and books fail to produce leaders because they focus on the wrong things. They treat leadership as if it’s a thing to do, a means to an end. Instead, leadership is a side-effect, a by-product of a way of being. In particular, leadership occurs as a result of being fully expressed as a human being in the pursuit of something worthwhile. In this Book Rapper version of Warren Bennis' classic book, On Becoming A Leader we explore the starting point for leadership.

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Becoming You - The Key to Becoming a Leader

  1. 1. Becoming YouThe Key to Becoming a Leader
  2. 2. Geoff McDonald @BookRapper
  3. 3. The
  4. 4. The
  5. 5. Warren BennisThe Author
  6. 6. Leadership = Side EffectThe BIG Idea
  7. 7. Know ThyselfSpeed RAP
  8. 8. Am I being all I can be?Your Challenge
  9. 9. Step Up!Book Rapper Says...
  10. 10. Being a
  11. 11. Being a LearnerBeing a Leader
  12. 12. Pursue a Worthy GoalLeadership is a Side-Effect
  13. 13. Mastering Your
  14. 14. Surrender or Master?All born into circumstances...
  15. 15. Master Individual ContextFully expressed or not. Choose!
  16. 16. Master Organisational ContextWhat’s required depends on the situation
  17. 17. The Leadership
  18. 18. Declaration of LeadershipTrue To Your Origins
  19. 19. Best Teacher Responsibility Learn Anything ReflectionFour Lessons of Self Knowledge
  20. 20. Manager or Leader?Which one are you - in your way of being?
  21. 21. Four
  22. 22. Engage OthersShared meaning around a common vision
  23. 23. Distinctive VoiceStrong, clear and decisive
  24. 24. IntegrityOften failures point to what is really required
  25. 25. Adaptive CapacityResponding to relentless change
  26. 26. Learning to
  27. 27. Self-knowledge Codify your Thoughts Opportunities Self-InventionFour Lifelong Leadership Pursuits
  28. 28. Training Education Static Dynamic Facts Ideas Narrow Broad Surface Deep Rote Experiential Tactics Strategy Job LifeWhich one are you delivering? Receiving?
  29. 29. Promoting
  30. 30. Leadership Tasks Connect Study Global Anticipate Innovate Network Mission Environment CultureWhat is the Leader responsible for?
  31. 31. Opportunities for LeadersPromote leadership by promoting leadership opportunities
  32. 32. Leading the
  33. 33. PygmalionExpect great performance to get great performance
  34. 34. GretzkySee where you need to be to grow capability
  35. 35. Encourage DissentActively promote alternate thinking
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Buy the Book!Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?
  38. 38. More books by Warren Bennis
  39. 39. Who are you?
  40. 40. Who are you becoming?
  41. 41. Are you a leader in your own life?
  42. 42. A PresentationRecording available for members at :