What Librarians Wish Publishers Knew


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Librarians are essential to a healthy book ecosystem: they nurture lifelong readers and provide an increasingly important platform for book discovery. Yet few of us really understand the role they play and how they work.

This panel of librarians (Christina de Castell, Vancouver Public Library; Michael Ciccone, Hamilton Public Library; Moe Hosseini-Ara, Markham Public Library) provides us with valuable insight into how libraries work, from budgets and collections to patron and e-lending statistics. They also discuss overcoming obstacles to better, stronger partnerships, and new opportunities for collaboration.

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  • For families: Stories for older children to share with younger siblings.Man in the Moon: for dads, uncles, stepdads, foster dads and grandads. Language play for very young children and the men who love them.
  • Getting started in childrens’ books:Becky Citra - author of 17 books for young children. Her bookAfter the Fire (Orca, 2010) won the Red Cedar Award and Never to Be Told (Orca, 2006) was a Silver Birch Honor Book.PJ Sarah Collins - her books include Sam and Nate andWhat Happened to Serenity? She was the inaugural recipient of the Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy at the 2012 Canadian Childrens Book Centre Awards.Karen Hlbbard - has illustrated three picture books with Planete rebelled. Karen has exhibited across Canada and internationally.Catherine Knutsson - her debut novel is Shadows Cast by Stars.Rebecca Kool - her passion is creating bi-lingual story experiences for children. Fly Catcher Boy is her first bilingual book, written in English with Japanese words and expressions.Tanya Lloyd Kyi - author of more than a dozen fiction and non-fiction books for children and young adults. Her forthcoming novel is Anywhere But Here.Ellen Schwartz (moderator) - award-winning author of 16 books for children. Her latest novel, The Case of the Missing Deed was a finalist for the John Spray Mystery Award.Inhabiting women’s space: (Kate Braid, Marilyn Bowering, Sandra Djwa, Kathy Mezei)
  • 16 of the new Granville Island Market cookbook – Arsenal13 of V6A writings from the DTES – Arsenal8 of Marc Strange mystery1-2 of art books
  • 20,000 print items vs. 1,000 ebooks each day
  • What Librarians Wish Publishers Knew

    1. 1. What Librarians WishPublishers KnewMoe Hosseini-Ara – Markham Public LibraryChristina de Castell – Vancouver Public LibraryMichael Ciccone – Hamilton Public Library
    2. 2. How many are there• Over 3,400 branches (service points) acrossCanada• Serving an estimated 90% of the total Canadianpopulation
    3. 3. Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC)• Represents libraries serving populations of100,000+• 41 member libraries from all across Canada• 522 branches (service points)• Serving more than 55% of the total Canadianpopulation• Representing more than 80% of Canada’s publiclibrary activity
    4. 4. Who uses us• Almost 8 million library card holders/activeusers• 104 million in-person visits annually• 121 million e-visits (website/catalogue)• 4 million attendees at library programs• 2.5 million at children’s programs
    5. 5. 0.0%5.0%10.0%15.0%20.0%25.0%90s80s70s60s50s40s30s20s10s0sWho uses us – Age Breakdown
    6. 6. How much we spendFunded through Municipal and Provincialgovernments• $108 million on total materials (80% of total in Canada)• $53 million on books• $17 million on children’s material• $19 million on fiction• $3 million on e-books
    7. 7. How we spend it• $3.7+ million direct from Canadian publishers• $45 million from wholesalers• $6.6 million from US
    8. 8. Book discovery and literacyprograms for a lifetime
    9. 9. For children: 60+ story times this week• Little babies, bigbabies, toddlers &preschoolers• Storytime for families• Man in the Moon formale caregivers• reading tails, pyjamastorytime, singalong
    10. 10. If my daughter responds well to apicture book and wants it renewedthree times, we buy...
    11. 11. For teens: this week• Teen Craft Craze• Eileen Cook reads from The Almost Truth• Teen & Tween Book Clubs (3 meetings)• Teen MangaAdvisory Group• Young WritersConnect
    12. 12. For adults: this week• Children’s eBooks, Apps & Early Literacy• Sunset ESL Conversation Circle• Inhabiting Women’s Space: Perspectives fromPoetry, Memoir, Biography & History• Getting started in children’s books• Plus computer training, book clubs• For seniors: fall prevention,medication awareness
    13. 13. “It helps me to discover what books Iwould like to buy…and intro me to newauthors that I would not have boughtotherwise.”
    14. 14. Programs & Services• Author readings• Book lists (personalized)• Readalikes• Word on the Street• Displays on Canadianculture, hockey, National Aboriginal Day, NationalPoetry Month, coming of age stories, anti-bullying• eBook tech support and computer training
    15. 15. Book clubs400+ book club kits of 10 books and a guideHosted clubs• BYOB: Bring your own baby• Gen-Y• Art & Fiction with the art gallery• One Book One Vancouver
    16. 16. “Using the library allows me to try outbooks by certain authors. If the booksare good, I tend to buy more of thegenre or I purchase other books bythat same author”
    17. 17. Library Collections
    18. 18. offered boughtABC Art Books Canada 15 13Arsenal Pulp Press (BC) 8 8BC BookWorld 171 148Coach House 9 4Douglas & McIntyre (BC) 12 12ECW 26 21Fitzhenry & Whiteside 4 3Goose Lane 12 10Harbour Publishing 25 23Lone Pine (Cdn Edition) 19 12Canadian collections buyingWe buy 87% of what we see
    19. 19. eBook Growth02004006008001,0001,200eBook-eAudio Circ Per Day Per Month 2010-2012VancouverHamilton
    20. 20. We’d like you to know• we use print catalogues (at VPL)• we like email alerts of new titles• we’d like more Canadian finance, tax,business, true crime & more stories aboutCanadian immigrant experience, testpreparation•covers really matter for kids,teens, ebooks
    21. 21. Online Discovery
    22. 22. Bibliocommons
    23. 23. •2 Million Visits•35 Million Pages Viewed•555,000 Unique VisitorsEven More Important:•Average Visit: 6 minutes +•18.5 Pages/Visit•Bounce Rate: 2.6%HPL Catalogue by the numbers:
    24. 24. MARC & ONIX• MARC: started 1960s; 1973 standard• copy cataloguing• OCLC, LC have explored ONIXWe’d like to see: reading levels, author’shome town, regional information…moreconsistency in general
    26. 26. “I read reviews from library customersto decide if the book is worthwhile tobuy”
    27. 27. eBooks1 Million Visits
    28. 28. Buy Button
    29. 29. Questions?