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Introduction to the Canadian Supply Chain - Noah Genner - November 2017


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How do all the moving pieces of the Canadian supply chain work together to get books from editors' desks into readers' hands? From metadata to shipment notices and from consumer behaviour to sales analysis, BookNet Canada's Noah Genner provides a detailed overview and explains how BookNet serves as the supply chain's nerve centre.

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Introduction to the Canadian Supply Chain - Noah Genner - November 2017

  1. 1. Technology innovation and supply chain efficiency in the Canadian book industry
  2. 2. “the book industry's supply chain nerve centre” - The Globe and Mail
  3. 3. cost reductions standardization visibility
  4. 4. increased efficiencies improved customer service
  5. 5. Reduced costs Improved marketing reach Better decision-support
  6. 6. easier to provide good customer service simpler to source and purchase books easier to promote books better visibility into how books are selling minimizing costly errors, returns keeping in-demand books in available
  7. 7. More effort and energy to the production of new cultural works Less to inefficient processes and practices
  8. 8. desire to see efforts and benefits extend to all players big & small established & emerging foreign & domestic
  9. 9. coordination collaboration a central clearinghouse of information honest broker
  10. 10. • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): networked orders, returns & invoices • bibliographic data standards & certification • sales tracking & inventory analysis • online catalogues • research
  11. 11. EDI Bibliographic Subject Schemes BISAC Thema Identifiers ISBN/ISNI/ISTC Others… Epub/GDSN/SAN
  12. 12. BISG (US) Metadata Subjects Supply-chain (EDI) Identifiers Editeur ONIX International Steering Committee Thema International Steering Committee
  13. 13. Public Libraries
  14. 14. Public Libraries
  15. 15. Public Libraries
  16. 16. top picks! The November T H E 1 0 H O T T E S T B O O K S P U B L I S H E D M O N T H L Y , A S V O T E D B Y L I B R A R Y S T A F F A C R O S S C A N A D A . Place your holds on one of these hot November titles today, or check out for more info. Absolutely on Music Haruki Murakami Music TOP PICK Under the Midnight Sun Keigo Higashino Mystery & Detective Faithful Alice Hoffman Fiction The Twenty- Three Linwood Barclay Thriller Stone Coffin Kjell Eriksson Mystery & Detective Frantumaglia Elena Ferrante Literary Essays To Capture What We Cannot Keep Beatrice Colin Historical Fiction Inherit the Bones Emily Littlejohn Mystery & Detective The Mayakovski Tapes Robert Littell Thriller Testimony Robbie Robertson Memoir Loan Stars is powered by BNC CataList
  17. 17. anecdata
  18. 18. The usage of multiple points of anecdotal data to confirm any stipulation, often used to "prove" pseudo-scientific claims
  19. 19. #’s
  20. 20. 2,100+ retail locations
  21. 21. Quantity Sold On Hand On Order Average Sale Price
  22. 22. ~85% of Cdn. book sales
  23. 23. 2,623,459 ISBNs
  24. 24. 581,769 ISBNs
  25. 25. Source: Nielsen BookScan and PubTrack Digital
  26. 26. Source:
  27. 27. 3 million +
  28. 28.