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BNC Webinar: Thema Refresher - Tom Richardson - June 2018


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Publishers! As interest in Thema's multilingual subject category scheme grows among retailers in Canada and abroad, make sure you're up to speed on what it is, how it works, and if it's in your best interest to start using it in your metadata. Join Tom Richardson, BookNet Canada's Bibliographic Manager, to learn the basics of Thema, find out our recommendations for publisher adoption, and discover the tools and resources you can start using today.

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BNC Webinar: Thema Refresher - Tom Richardson - June 2018

  1. 1. Get up to speed with Thema Tom Richardson June 6, 2018
  2. 2. Standards and Certification Target audience for metadata Product Supply (Supply Detail) is almost entirely used by retailers internally. The only value likely to be used for consumer display is Price.
  3. 3. Standards and Certification Target audience for metadata Marketing collateral (Other Text) is typically intended to be read by consumers. ONIX 3.0 allows you to specify other target audiences and 2.1 supports specialized other text codes for them
  4. 4. Standards and Certification Target audience for metadata 3.0's Product description, aka Block 1 Product Form, Collection (Series/Set) ... down to Subject, Audience & Complexity Much is displayed to consumers but all of it is needed for business
  5. 5. Standards and Certification All ONIX data is processed
  6. 6. Standards and Certification Not every end user processes every part of an ONIX file. Not every sender sends every part of an ONIX file.
  7. 7. Standards and Certification Audience coding (Trade specific and/or special audience specific) Audience Range (mandatory for JUV and YA) Complexity Subject classification Keywords
  8. 8. Standards and Certification Audience type ONIX Code List 28 “Trade” 01 General Trade 02 Juvenile 03 Young Adult Mandatory in all trade book records Use only one "trade" audience code (above) per record
  9. 9. Standards and Certification Audience type ONIX Code List 28 “Education” 04 Primary and secondary/elementary and high school 05 College/higher education 06 Professional and scholarly 07 ELT/ESL 08 Adult education 09 Second language teaching (other than ESL) It’s atypical but where appropriate Audience can repeat to use one of these codes in addition to a trade code.
  10. 10. Standards and Certification Audience Range • Mandatory for all Juvenile and YA books • Focused ranges of no more than 3, maybe 4 years. • If you must, use like "From 14" without an end age Complexity Recommendations for Citing Educational Standards & Objectives in Metadata: Guidelines for the North American Book Industry BISG Whitepaper June 30, 2015
  11. 11. Standards and Certification Subject coding explains what the book is about.
  12. 12. Standards and Certification Keywords can supplement subject coding with a useful term or a level of detail not covered. • Backlist Keywords (TF2018: Joshua Tallent) • Demystifying the Inner Workings of Amazon Keywords (TF2017: Erica Leeman) • Revised Best Practices for Keywords in Metadata (BISG Whitepaper: Feb 2018) • Read BookNet Canada's blog
  13. 13. Standards and Certification Processing includes indexing. Different end users process differently. Some data is handled differently. You should test and looking at your metadata results on-line.
  14. 14. Standards and Certification Subjects are processed too.
  15. 15. Standards and Certification Subjects apply to the book or they don't.
  16. 16. Standards and Certification Main subject A SINGLE SUBJECT classification to designate the primary area to expect sales / type of book / buyer
  17. 17. Standards and Certification Main subject A SINGLE SUBJECT classification to designate the primary area to expect sales / type of book / buyer
  18. 18. Standards and Certification Trade Subject Schemes BISAC and Thema
  19. 19. Standards and Certification BISAC vs Thema
  20. 20. Standards and Certification BISAC • It dominates North America and is fully supported by all retailers working here. It's well supported outside of North America, at least in English language publishing. • Extremely well run and developed system for classifying what sells in the North American market • If your goal is to describe consumer sales by book subject using the fewest codes, BISAC is by the far the best system available (for North America).
  21. 21. Standards and Certification Thema • Used in UK to replace BIC. Used by Amazon in Europe. • Used extensively internationally. • No use reported by any North American English language print retailers, though Kobo and e-tailers working internationally are users (in other markets?).
  22. 22. Standards and Certification Thema Recommended by BookNet Canada as the best system for use by Canadian publishers
  23. 23. Standards and Certification Thema strength lies in describing the book's subject. Thema supports a lot more granular detail that will benefit both international sales and a country that’s large and diverse. Thema has kickass merchandising potential in List 5. And a Style list. A Style list!
  24. 24. Standards and Certification BISAC - lots of rules Never mix Adult / JUV / YA codes -- one type per record. Never mix Fiction / Nonfiction codes. No formal limit on number of entries but five or fewer are the normal expectation. Thema -- fewer restrictions You can mix codes types if appropriate – a subject is a subject so a novel heavily themed for technology, or aviation, or espionage might use codes that express that.
  25. 25. Standards and Certification Main Subject in Thema provides a primary identification of type. It must match what the book is: Fiction or Nonfiction
  26. 26. Standards and Certification Expect to use more codes in Thema. 10 is not unreasonable. Use the most specific code possible. The fewest possible codes are clearest.
  27. 27. Standards and Certification Links to tools and information: s/UserDocs/pages/5767332/Thema+Subject+Co des
  28. 28. Standards and Certification Thema information and support: Join the International Implementation Group! via the EDItEUR site And contact to Join the Canadian Implementation Group! Consult with your peers, get notifications and more Join the Thema CEL Working Group!
  29. 29. Thank you Sign up for free BNC eNews @booknet_canada