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BNC Webinar: Getting Your Samples and Excerpts Into the Supply Chain


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Make sure your samples, excerpts, and reading guides are available for retailers, reviewers, and Loan Stars by sending them to BiblioShare for display on sites like BNC CataList. How? BookNet Canada project managers Tim Middleton and Carol Gordon provide a step-by-step walkthrough that covers: how to provide this content to BiblioShare; when you should be making them available to best support marketing campaigns, retailer requests, and Loan Stars recommending; and how they will be displayed in CataList.

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BNC Webinar: Getting Your Samples and Excerpts Into the Supply Chain

  1. 1. June 4, 2019 Getting Your Samples & Excerpts Into the Supply Chain Tim Middleton ̶ BiblioShare Project Manager Carol Gordon ̶ CataList Project Manager
  2. 2. Q. What made you decide to buy this book?
  3. 3. Downloaded a free extract/sample chapter of a book 8.4% Fiction
  4. 4. Downloaded a free extract/sample chapter of a book 4.4% Nonfiction
  5. 5. "The purpose of an effective sample is to make people think, “Wow – this sample is so good, I wonder how much more value I’ll get if I buy the product.” Rob Eagar, Wildfire Marketing • posting the first chapter is insufficient. For most books, especially non-fiction, • the first chapter usually describes the problem that the book was written to address. • The author’s specific solutions are delivered in the later chapters. • If a book’s sample is limited to just the first chapter, consumers don’t get to see the wisdom of the author’s material. Go a step further. Select a large chunk of the best material from the middle of a book. Give 1,000 – 3,000 words of content away for free in addition to the sample chapter.
  6. 6. CataList users want more content
  7. 7. “I'd love more enhanced data (TOC, pull quotes, synopsis, etc.) “More previews! It is hard to buy a book when you can't see the inside.”
  8. 8. When do buyers and readers need samples available?
  9. 9. BiblioShare FTP Directory
  10. 10. The files and naming conventions that we are currently accepting are: 978XXXXXXXXXX_sample.pdf (or .epub) 978XXXXXXXXXX_sample_2.pdf (numbering if there's a reason to have multiple samples for a title.) 978XXXXXXXXXX.pdf (no underscore will be assumed to be a sample if it is in the sample directory.) 978XXXXXXXXXX_excerpt.pdf 978XXXXXXXXXX_toc.pdf 978XXXXXXXXXX_guide.pdf
  11. 11. Samples and Excerpts textlinktype code: where Other textlinktype code = 01 (URL) and Other Text format code = (04 pdf, 08 pdf, 14 epub) { Other TextTypeCode:23 | excerpt Other TextTypeCode:24 | Sample Other TextTypeCode:33 | Sample (if more then one sample for unique EAN then increment sample_0, sample_1, ...) Other TextTypeCode:41 | Readers Guide } then if text format in (04, 08) then append .pdf else text format = 14 append .epub
  12. 12. Known Issues • hard to remember naming protocols • easy to overwrite existing files with bad name • not easy to correct for a misapplied type • not very granular access control
  13. 13. BiblioShare FTP directory
  14. 14. Samples and Excerpts • Interior Images: 181,977 • Author Images: 4,836 • ISBNs with Sample type: 378 • ISBNs with Excerpt type: 10,425 • ISBNs with TOC type: 19 • ISBNs with Guide type: 210
  15. 15. How to Get Samples and Excerpts Samples?token=string&ean=string&san=string&perspective=string&filenumber= Structure for http request:
  16. 16. CataList will also pick up excerpts, TOCs and reading group guides from ONIX files
  17. 17. Content Type ONIX 2.1 details Table of contents <OtherText> type code '04' Excerpt <OtherText> type code ‘23' Reading Group Guide <OtherText> type code ‘41' Submit supplemental content in ONIX (2.1) Over 75,000 title listings in CataList already have additional content pulled from these fields
  18. 18. ← Type code ‘41’ = reading group guide ← Text format code ‘02’ = HTML Standards documentation > HTML use in ONIX: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. 19. More information: BiblioShare QuickStart guide - samples: CataList - Samples help documentation:
  20. 20. Thank you