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BNC Webinar: CataList PDF Customization


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Our users asked for it and now here it is! Catalogue creators can customize their PDF exports with flexible row and column layout options, their own headers, footers, optional introductory or end pages, and more. Plus, you can easily save your custom templates for future use and share them with other users in your account.

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BNC Webinar: CataList PDF Customization

  1. 1. Customizing PDF Exports in CataList Carol Gordon ̶ Project Manager October 24, 2018
  2. 2. Do I have to customize my PDF export settings?
  3. 3. What parts of the PDF export can be customized?
  4. 4. • Page layout adjustments • Page content selection • Page header and footer • Adding front matter and end pages Customization options:
  5. 5. |
  6. 6. |
  7. 7. Customize a List PDF
  8. 8. |
  9. 9. Default List version Custom List version
  10. 10. Customize a Tile PDF
  11. 11. |
  12. 12. Default Tile version Custom Tile version
  13. 13. Manage your templates
  14. 14. Set up headers and footers
  15. 15. Add front matter and end pages
  16. 16. Thank you