Get More Media! Create a Book Hook


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Ready for more media attention? If you aren't getting media or want to get more media for your business, book, or message here are some quick tips to get more media attention!

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Get More Media! Create a Book Hook

  1. 1. Click to edit Master title style Get your book marketing on the express train to success! Radio & TV Promotion! Turning authors into Success StoriesAuthor Marketing Experts Inc
  2. 2. “Consumers buy for their reasons, not yours.” Click to edit Master title style Orvel Ray Wilson Creating a Book Hook Super secrets for creating a fantastic elevator pitchAuthor Marketing Experts Inc
  3. 3. Click to edit Master title style An Elevator Pitch Explained An elevator pitch is a 1-2 sentence description of your book YOUR 80,000-WORD BOOK NEEDS TO BE A 15-SECOND SOUND BITEAuthor Marketing Experts Inc
  4. 4. Click to edit Great Elevator Pitch Elements of a Master title style • Emotion • Helpful • Insightful • Timely • It must matter to your reader!Author Marketing Experts Inc
  5. 5. Click to edit Master title style A Book Hook Explained A book hook is your pitch to the media, bloggers, bookstores, etc.Author Marketing Experts Inc
  6. 6. Click to edit Master title style It’s All About Timing • Timing is everything • It’s much easier to get someone interested in something they are already interested in • Open up a calendar and start planning!Author Marketing Experts Inc
  7. 7. Emphasize the Benefits Click to edit Master title style (never, ever sell your book) • It’s never about your book, it’s always about what your book can do for the reader • The WIIFM factor • How will your book enhance their life?Author Marketing Experts Inc
  8. 8. ClickCreating aMaster title style to edit Book Hook • You can position your book on a number of things: • Current events • Seasonal • Holidays • Blockbuster Movies • Celebrities If your book doesn’t have a hook it’s going to sink!Author Marketing Experts Inc
  9. 9. ClickWith the focus on… style to edit Master title Media & MarketingAuthor Marketing Experts Inc
  10. 10. Click to MediaMaster title style The edit Food Chain National Media Regional Media Trade MediaAuthor Marketing Experts Inc
  11. 11. Remember Master title style Click to edit the HUH Factor • Be Hip, Unique, and Helpful! • Always give more than you get. • During an interview, never, ever say: “Well, if you’d read my book.” or “It’s in my book.” Just answer the question, the audience will know the information came from your book!Author Marketing Experts Inc
  12. 12. Click to edit of the Pitch style The Art Master title • Create a local angle for a national story • Best seasonal times to pitch: Valentine’s Day, summer, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day • Pitch your topics on government holidays • Pitch fluff pieces on Thursday - the slowest news day • Don’t pitch during sweeps: Feb, May, Oct/NovAuthor Marketing Experts Inc
  13. 13. Click to edit Master title style Thank you for attending!Author Marketing Experts Inc
  14. 14. Is your book marketing campaign just peddling along? Call us today for a free consultation!Author Marketing Experts Inc Contact:(858)